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Full Version: Playing an old SR3 campaign
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I have a good campaign designed for SR3 which happens in 2057 and want to play it. I can't find any campaign that would fit my needs fro SR4, and I don't have enough time to create one entirely.
Problem is that this campaign is totally bound to the events of this year and before, so it's hard to play it in 2070.
Either I translate everything 13 years later, either I take SR4 rules + settings (like wireless matrix) and just say it existed in 2057. I really don't want to play with the old-style matrix!
And no, I can't just play with SR3 rules (noooooooo) indifferent.gif

How would you do it?
Talia Invierno
How we did it was to stay within the current year, to begin.

Technomancers do not exist, yet. They'll be introduced through events in-game.

Basic communication commlinks still work under the old radio and cellphone rules. They have a signal strength and can be jammed. Decking aspects require some kind of wired connection.

'Ware continues to be an issue, but that should be smoothed out once we can read Augmentation.

Because of the long-term nature of our campaign, we needed the technological continuity, hence the decision. You might well choose to go wireless all the way.

Since the Matrix seems to be your major concern, you can also break canon insofar as moving the key technological event of the Crash to just before the beginning of your campaign: which would solve all your rules/technology difficulties. You will have to find a slightly different explanation though, to make it merge appropriately with other events.
Well personally I think I'd drop the idea of AR, turn commlinks back into keyboard sized cyberdecks and call it a day.

Of course I'd also mostly get rid of wireless and use the new Matrix rules with Deckers jacked in, but you said that you don't want to go down that route.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't think that it's really that hard to convert Fourth Edition rules into the older timelines.
QUOTE (Ravor @ Jul 10 2007, 10:39 AM)
Well personally I think I'd drop the idea of AR, turn commlinks back into keyboard sized cyberdecks and call it a day.

And going back to goold old days of the decker in his van/bunker? Absolutely no way.

I think I'll just move the second crash 10-15 years before, and tell them some data was lost and everything is now wireless. Most are new players, some are old players but they don't really care about canon as long as the campaign is good smile.gif
That'll work, although so would having the corps learn the same lesson that Wi-Fi Blocking teaches them, keep their systems off the Matrix and force Deckers to enter the facility with the rest of the team.
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