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Talia Invierno
If you were pulled out of your regular life and thrust into a shadow world, what kind of Shadowrun character would you be? (In today's world, I mean - no Matrix, no Awakening beyond what exists today, no 'ware beyond what exists today.) I know some of you are very familiar with various magickal systems. With what I know of current medicine, there's even a chance some of us may already have minimal cyber.

So take yourself, exactly as you are today. Translate that into Shadowrun stats: active/knowledge/language skills, edges/flaws, and all. Use as many build points as you feel appropriate to complete you as character.

I don't expect to see very many 6's at all grinbig.gif

Post the results!

(Btw - has anyone ever tried running a Shadowrun game using themselves as starting PCs?)
Does 'vagabond' fall under 'other'? And how many professional samurai do you really think visit this site?

Human Uncybered Mundane

Strength: 3
Body: 3
Quickness: 4
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 3
Charisma: 4
Essence: 6
Magic: 0
Reaction: 4 +1d6


Unarmed Combat 3
Edged Weapons 2
Clubs 2
Pole Arms/Staffs 1
Stealth 1
Computer 2
Electronics 1
Computer B/R 2
Electronics B/R 1
Small Units Tactics 1 (Video Game Tactics 3)
Etiquette 2
Leadership 1
Negotiation 1
Bike 1 (Bicycle 3)
Car 2 (Eggplant 4)
Sailboat 1
Diving 2

Knowledge Skills:

English 6 (R/W 6)
Latin 1 (R/W 2)
Shadowrun 5
D&D 3 (House-ruled 6)
Boston Area 3
Firearms Background 2
Martial Arts Background 2
Webcomics 3
Psychology 2
Physics 2
Math 2
London Area 3 (South Kensington 5)
Paris Area 1
Video Games 5
Quake Level Area Knowledge 6 (The Longest Yard 12, The Very End of You 12)
Quake Bot Psychology 8

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

Talia Invierno
biggrin.gif @ Kagetenshi. That's the idea!
how many professional samurai do you really think visit this site?
- nezumi

Apparently at least one in potential wink.gif
(In the SR universe, how many shadowrunners would have grown up thinking "I want to become a professional samurai"?)
Before Resources (which are probably 5 points, $20,000; a nice computer, some electronics, and a car worth about $350, plus a decent amount saved away) I'm a 67 build-point character. With Resources, 72.

~J, coming to a ganger campaign near you
I put "other" cause I'm a lone scientist, fighting against the corporate machine! Yeah! It's Req, sequencing genes for freedom! cool.gif

Or something.

Ex-military weapon Spec

Body: 3
Quickness: 2
Strength: 4
Intelligence: 4
Charisma: 3

Reaction: 3 +1d6
Combat Pool: 3


Pistols: 5
Assault Riffles: 4
SMG's: 3
Riffles: 4
MA: Karate 2
+ Close Combat

Computers 3
Electronics 1
Stealth 2

Negotioations 2
Intimidation/Physical 1/2
Leadership 2
Small Unit Tactics 3

Car 4
Sailboat 1
Fixed wing aircraft 1

Knowledge Skills

Sci-fi/fanatasy novels 4
Craft of Writing 3
History 4
Film 6
TV trivia 5


English 4
I would be a street sam that specializes in torturing poll spammers.
I voted decker waiting for the Matrix. I wrote up stats for myself once, but I lost those. So all I've got left is a character based on what I'd want if I was a runner.

Zem the Maniac (character from freeform online RP about 4 years ago)
QUOTE (Shadow)
Assualt Riffles: 4
SMG's: 3
Riffles: 4

yummm... assualt riffles... ; P (or was it assualt ruffles?)

Me - Bum
Body: 3
Quickness: 4
Strength: 2
Int: 4
Cha: 5

Active -
Computer (games) (Black Isle) 2(3)(5)
Bike (no, not motorcycle) 3
computer b/r 3
electronics b/r 1
etiquette (government) 2(4)
shotguns/rifles 1

Knowledge -
computers 4
webcomics 4
low gas and alcohol prices in Beltsville 5
punk music 3
religion and philosophy (Catholicism) 3(4)
general stuff I make up 6

English 5/5
Spanish 2/2
Perl 2/3
C/C++ 3/4
Java 3/5
Lisp 2/1

edge: code monkey (+1 on all tests involving finding a lazy way to make something work)

flaws: really bad skill: car (especially when driving around parking lots)
dependant, day job

'96 Nissan Sentra
'91 Oldsmobile station wagon (currently indisposed)
'98 Toys 'R' Us bike
low lifestyle
A bajillion pounds of random trash

Sure I missed some stuff...
I put magical type on the poll. I actually have used magick for creative private enterprise, in the urban hunter/gatherer department.

I've gone through this mental exercise before, and thought about playing me in campaigns. I noticed right away that I have a whole lot of skills in the 2 or 3 range, and just a few in the 5 or 6 range. I'm not properly min-maxed. smile.gif Aside from that, the magical stuff is awkward -- my experiences and "powers" such that they are don't fit cleanly into any of the SR buckets, but so be it. What is below is the closest fit I could envision that exists in SR rules.

I'm sure some people will take issue with these numbers, without even knowing me. I think highly of myself.

K: Human full magician (Shaman: Creator totem, using a Chinese Buddhist master as the specific icon form)

B:3 Q:5 S:3 C:5 I:6 W:5 R:5+1d6
Essence: 6
Magic: 6 (how the hell would I measure this? I have been through several initiations, but do they count?)
KP: Who knows??


Athletics 3
Diving 2
Edged Weapons 5
Pole Arms 4
Clubs 4
Throwing Weapons 3
Whips 2
Unarmed: To-Shin Do 6 (maneuvers: Herding, Blind Fighting, Ground Fighting, Vicious Blow)
Stealth 4
Aura Reading 3
Computer 5
Etiquette 4
Negotiation 3
Leadership 2
Instruction 4
Conjuring 3
Sorcery 4
Enchanting 2
Winged aircraft 2
Car 4
Bike 1
Motorboat 1
Pistols 1
SMGs 1
Polearms B/R 1
Clubs B/R 1
Demolitions 1
Electronics 3
Electronics B/R 2
Computer B/R 3

Knowledge skills:

Since knowledge skills are pretty formless, this is too hard to quantify. I know a little about a whole lot of things, and I know a lot about a few things related to the above active skills.


English 6 (read/write 6)
Russian 3 (read/write 2)
German 3 (read/write 2)
Spanish 2 (read/write 2)
Latin 2 (read/write 1)
Japanese 1 (read/write 1)
Swahili 1


Middle lifestyle
old Honda Civic
Long Fineblade (short sword, if you like)
many knives
snorkeling gear
shamanic lodge (Buddhist altar, really, let's say rating 3)
old tabletop PC
Throwing Knives
Bo staff
Collapsible baton
Fine clothing
First Aid Kit
DocWagon contract Basic (ie. health insurance)


College Education
Good reputation


Incompetence (Throwing)
Sensitive System
Day Job (look at my skills and guess what my job is)
Mild Alcohol Allergy

I never did the math; anybody want to tell me how many build points that is? And before someone goes off about rating 5 or 6 skills, I do computer work and martial arts professionally, so it makes sense.


I'm going to take issue with you having a Fineblade. I sincerely doubt the tech for those is around yet.
The only thing I'm going to ask you to back up is Intelligence.


edit: your BP total as given there is 171 before Resources, give or take about four depending on how accurately I remembered edge/flaw costs and whether or not I caught all skills above linked attribute.
Heh. Fineblade is just the closest thing in the rulebook, yeah. A medium-length sword-like blade. Too big to be a knife, too small to be a sword. But it's nothing fancy, so sure, it's no Fineblade.

As for Intelligence.... back it up? With what? Can't you feel the smartwaves emanating through my posts? smile.gif

Send me your brain for inspection.

Archtype: College Student

B: 3
Q: 2
S: 3
C: 4
I: 4
W: 3

Athletics 1
Unarmed Combat 1
Computers 2
Car 1
Bike 1
Negotiations 3
Ettiquette 3
Artisan: Crafts 2

Knowledge Skills
Mythology 2
Sociology 3
Biology 1
Chemisty 1
Role Playing Games 4
Comics (Marvel) 2/4
Webcomics 2
Anime 1
Movies 3
Useless Trivia 3
History 2
Cooking 2

English 3
French 1
Spanish 1

College Education

Compulsion: Laziness -2
Frequent Migraines

Boy, compared to the other posters, I am a pretty lame characters. I guess I need to get some more Karma.
QUOTE (sidekick)
Boy, compared to the other posters, I am a pretty lame characters. I guess I need to get some more Karma.

Nah.. I'd just chalk it up to modesty ; )
Applying a -3 for Migraines, you come out to 52 build points.

~J, self-appointed BP calculator for the thread.
Hey, everyone here is better than the 40-BP PCs in the Cage Fight online game. smile.gif

Hmmm me?

Wage Slave/ Ex electronis freak, minor consprisy theroist

Barely Human (0)

Attributes (40)
Body 2
Quickness 3
Stength 4
Charisma 3
Intelligence 4
Willpower 4

Skills (30)
Athletics 2- Climbing 4
Stealth 4
Pistols 2
Rifles 4
Computer 2
Electronics 3
Small unit tactics 2
Negotiation 4
Bike 2
[edit] Fake movie fu 3[/edit]

Knowlegde skills (20 pts free) (5)
Maths 4
Casino games 4
Anime 4
Wargames 2
Chemistry 2
Physics 2
Background - Electronics 4
Rolplay games 3

Languages (2)
English 5 Bad english 7
Dutch 2

Merits:- (3)
code of conduct (1)
Flaws:- (-8 )
Weak immune system
Combat Paralysis
Day job lvl 4 (40+hrs, Unsociable hours)

Resources (0)
5.000 nuyen.gif

Ps2 10 games
Above average PC
130 DVD's
3 Swords

Lifestyle 3000:nuyen:
Area- Middle
Comforts- Middle
Enterainment- Low
Furnishings- Middle
Security- Low
Space- Low

total 71 bp
If I had to make me in SR terms...

Old-School Computer Geek


B: 3 (4)
Q: 4
S: 2
C: 3
I: 4
W: 4
E: 6


MA: Tae Kwon Do: 2
MA: Kenjutsu (Ninjutsu sword): 2
MA: Taijutsu (Ninjutsu unarmed): 2
Edged Weapons/Katana 1/3
Athletics: 2
Stealth: 3
Computer: 4
Computer B/R: 5
Computer Theory: 3
Etiquette/Corporation: 3/5
Car: 2
Shadowrun 2: 5
Shadowrun 3: 2
Magic: the Gathering: 3
Singing: 4
Acting: 3
Being Lazy: 10
Knowledge of Ninja: 3
Knowledge of Samurai: 3
English: 5
English R/W: 3
Spanish: 2
Spanish R/W: 1
Japanese: 1


Adrenaline Surge
Double Jointed
Night Vision
Quick Healer
Resistance to Pathogens
Common Sense
High School Education
Day Job (1)
Low Pain Tolerance
Addiction (Internet) (-1)
Addiction (Shadowrun) (-1)
Addiction (Magic: the Gathering) (-1)
Addiction (Dumpshock Forums)


Compaq Celeron 600 w/ 128MB RAM, 55GB HDD (15/40)
Random amounts of Magic cards
Lots of SR2 books, one or two SR3
Old Laser Printer
Old Computer Case (Includes mobo for P1 75-133mHZ)
Starfire Katana
Wood Staff
Cheap Knife x2
Long Cloak (6'3")
Long Belt (6')
Assortment of chains, mainly silver ball bearings

Yes, basic computer geek is me. I'm surprised I'm the only person (so far) to take Common Sense... You guys must do some rather silly things.
Shockwave: 66 BP, based on a guess of 2 BP for Code of Conduct.

Tanka: 103, by my count.


Edit: side note, kenjutsu is sword practice in general, not specifically ninjutsu-related style
Ah, fair enough, but the style I did was the Ninjutsu style of use. Not gonna say I straight-out learned Ninjutsu, I just learned the unarmed and armed combat of it.
I was rather surprised that a computer geek did take common sense!! In my experience, we seem to live in our own special world. Twice this week my wife got upset with me because I didn't know something which, apparently, everyone knows (but can't explain).

As long as we're bragging about old computers, throw on:
Epson T-1000 Dot Matrix Printer
286 Laptop with cord, 2 batteries incapable of holding charge
big, shiny, 2.4GHz AMD (WinXP)
400MHz IBM w/ no HD at all (I swear I put it on the bookshelves...)
A lot of really expensive equipment my boss keeps giving me to take home that I promptly accidentally break.
You break expensive equipment?! Blasphemer!

Send it to me instead. biggrin.gif
Digital Heroin
Quickness: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 4 (I seem to have a way with people, was a decent telemarketer, mind you I still can't score as easily as I'd like to)
Intelligence: 5 (Based only off of an old IQ test, and more recent ones, but we all know how bogus IQ tests are)
Willpower: 3
Essence: 6
Magic: N/a

Reaction: 4
Initiative: 1d6

Dice Pools

Combat Pool: 5

Active Skills

Name Rating

Assault Rifles (C7) 1(3)
Rifles (Lee Enfeild) 1(3)
MA: Fake Movie Fu 2

Athletics (Swim) 2(4)
Stealth 2

Corporate 1
Military 2
Instruction 2
Leadership 1

Biotech (First Aid) 1(3)
Computer [B/R] 4[1]
Electronics 3

Car 1
Sailboat 2

Knowledge Skills

Name Rating

Website Design 3
Movie Trivia 5
Naval History 1
Drill 3
Video Games 4
Roleplaying Games 4


POS DELL Inspiron 7500 Laptop
2.4gHz Desktop
Playstation 2
Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain
27 inch HDTV w. DVD
A small DVD library


Barracks (Rented)
Area: Low (2 Points)
Comforts: Middle (3 Points)
Entertainment: Low (2 Points)
Furnishings: Low (2 Points)
Security: Middle (3 Points)
Space: Low (2 Points)


Terrific View (+0.05)
Annoying Neighbors (-0.05)
Cacophonous Neighborhood (-0.05)
Crashpad (-0.10)
Living by Committee (-0.10)
No Privacy (-0.10)
Unreliable Security (-0.05)

Monthly Cost: $380


College Education (1) - Computer Programmer/Analyst Diploma


Day Job (-4) - On call 24/7, I'm the Navy's bitch.
Impulsive (-2)
Oblivious (-2)
QUOTE (Digital Heroin)

MA: Fake Movie Fu 2

Hehe forgot that one. Might have it at a three. Manuover- Staying standing
QUOTE (Digital Heroin @ Nov 14 2003, 05:46 PM)
we all know how bogus IQ tests are

They're not bogus at all. They're a very accurate indicator of raw processing power, memorization ability, etc.

Which just happens to not necessarily mean anything about what a person will actually get done.


edit: 64 points unless your gear is under $5k.
Digital Heroin
QUOTE (Shockwave_IIc)
QUOTE (Digital Heroin @ Nov 14 2003, 09:46 PM)

MA: Fake Movie Fu 2

Hehe forgot that one. Might have it at a three. Manuover- Staying standing

Sad thing is... I ever get in a fight, I'm using my Fake Movie Fu... *nod* Nothing's more confusing than an idiot who doesn't know what he's doing...

Body 3
Quickness 3
Strength 3
Cha 3
Int 3
Will 3
Reaction 3
Init 3+1D6
Essence 6
Magic 6

Computer 2
Rifle 3
Pistol 2
Assault Rifle 2/M-16 4
Stealth 3
Electronics 2
Small unit tactics 2
Bike 2
Car 2
Tank 1
Wheeled Tractor 2
Tracked Tractor 2
Glider 1
B/R tractor 1
Biotech 2/First aid 4
Etiquette 2/Military 4
Leadership 3
Negotiation 2
Unarmed Combat 3
Athletics 3
Intimidation 2
Instruction 2
Edged weapons 2/10” Chefs knife 4
Clubs 2
Throwing weapons 1
Pole arms 3/Staff 5
B/R Computer 2
B/R Edged Weapon 1
B/R Armor 1

Knowledge skills
Background: Athletics 3
Weightlifting: 3
Philosophy: 1
Psychology 1/Leadership 3
Culinary: 1
Cooking: 2
Baking: 2
Accounting procedures: 2
Role-playing games of the 20th century 3
Military law 2
Military politics 2
History 3

Adept powers
Boost Str
Boost Qk
Boost Body
Empathic sense
Heightened sense of smell
Quick healing
Astral perception – Geas only when meditating

Flak vest
Chem suit w/mask rating 3
Chevy Custom Classic 4X4

Nuyen = 200 – 20,000 debt


Hard of hearing
Day Job 40/hrs week

Seanrox – Computer security specialist
Zombie – Ex-Mercenary Bouncer
James – Former UN emissary
Chip – Survivalist
Crimson – Military Linguist
Asterix – Jack of All Trades
Sandman – Drugdealer
Danny Ray – Cab Driver

125 BP, since I gave you credit for the $500 -5 BP thing. If not, 130.

Hey Kagetenshi, I am feeling very left out, do you not like me? grinbig.gif
How'd he get adept powers?? I want adept powers... frown.gif

Also, as long as you're calculating, could you please tell me what my BP number is? (I feel so neglected). I'd guess I've got about $10k in stuff. And I have plenty of contacts.
Shadow: 87 before resources, mostly so high because of lots of firearms skills above your Quickness

Nezumi: About 60, possibly 65 if you have a LOT of contacts.

Yeah, I am not very agile, 6'4 300lbs, but as my drill srgt used to say,

"Damn boy, you can shoot a hair off a fleas ass at 200 yards!"
Mark (Bespectacled Ex-Decker Wageslave)

Body: 3
Quickness: 4
Strength: 3
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 3
Reaction: 4+1d6

Edges & Flaws:
quick healer (+2)
friendly face (+1)
vehicle empathy (+2)
oblivious (-2)

Active Skills:
Clubs: 2
(Boffer Weapons): 4
Computer: 4
Computer (B/R): 1
Pistols: 1
Etiquette: 3
Electronics: 2
Car: 5
Bike: 1
(Bicycle): 3

English: 6
Japanese: 1
Spanish: 2
Late 20th Century Science Fiction Literature/Vids: 3
Fantasy & Sci-Fi Authors: 2
Role-playing Games: 3
George W. Bush Administration Trivia: 2
Liberal Claptrap: 6
Computer Gaming: 1
(Mechwarrior 4): 2
Comic Books: 3
Internet Porn: 2
Society for Creative Anachronism: 2

That's about all I can think of for the moment, anyways. biggrin.gif
I cannot explain the adept powers, I could only give information on how I see myself and what I do. I feel that nothing I described is so unbelieveable that it would be unreasonable and I also beleive that anyone could do any of these feats.
Kurukami's total is 67, not including Resources.

Seriously, we should all get together and have a live-action ganger campaign. Not a LARP, a live-action campaign wink.gif

Kanada Ten
Kanada Ten, Factory Drone

B3 Q2 S3 C3 I3 W3 E(M) 6(-)

Edge - Trustworthy Appearance +1, Easy Talker +1
Flaw - Clumsy -1, Dependants -2, Spelling Inept -0, Allergy(Outside) -1, Day Job -4

Computers(Crashing) 1(2)

RPG(Shadowrun) 2(5)
Music 2
Communist Theory 4
Anarchist Theory 2
Capitalism Theory 2
CNC Operation(Laser) 6(8)
Physics 2
Backroads(Area of Youth) 2(5)
Philosophy(Useless) 1(3)

English(R/W) 3(3)

Home $115,000 value - $77,000 debt.

Human (?)

B 3
Q 4
S 2
C 4 (This was a typo - I do NOT see myself as having charisma 5...)
I 5
W 6
E 5
M 5(?)
R 4

Edges and Flaws: Allergy(Chlorine;Moderate), Combat Paralysis, Pacifist, Day Job III(subway train driver), Compulsive(Thinker; distracted, forgetful, scatter-brained), Compulsive(Find Answers), Incompetence(Instruction), Adrenaline Surge, High Pain Tolerance I, Water Sprite III(Holding Breath, +60 seconds), Friendly Face, Aptitude(Negotiation), Daredevil - Phobia(Heights;Mild)

Active Skills
Athletics 2(Jumping 4, Climbing 3, Running 4, Lifting 3, Escape Artist 3)
Biotech 2
Computer 2(Macintosh 4)
Centering 3
Divining 2
Edged Weapons 3
Edged Weapons B/R 1(Knives 2)
Electronics 3
Electronics B/R 3
Etiquette 3
Instruction 2
Leadership 2
Negotiation 4
Stealth 4
Subwaytrain Driving 5(C20 train 6)
Subwaytrain B/R 3
Throwing Weapons 3
Wilderness Survival 2(Forest 3)

Knowledge Skills
Astrology 2
Bartending 3
Biology 3
Bonsai 2
Christian Mysticism 2
Fine Spirits 4 (alcohol, people - not nature spirits)
Languages 3
Magic Background 3
Medicine 2
Meditation 3
Painting 3
Physics 4
Poetry 4
Sexology 4
Sleight of Hand 2
Taoism 2
Tarot 4
Theology 2(Christianity 4)

English 5(R/W 5)
German 1(R/W 1(Read 3))
Latin 1(R/W 1)
Spanish 1(R/W 2)
Swedish 5(R/W 4)

Metamagics(Initiate Grade 4)
Centering (Knowledge Skills, Physical Skills, Technical Skills)

Adept Powers (Removed Blind Fighting - that fits better under Centering for Penalties)
Temperature Tolerance 2
Direction Sense

Resources is difficult...maybe equivalent to 90,000 counting contacts, lifestyle, and miscellaneous gear...

Adept powers and metamagic aren't all that 'magical' in nature (initiate grade 4 is a crock, but making myself a magician adept grade 4 was the only way to get the suitable metamagics) - it's simply part of how I've trained my mind...I could put down 'Magical Power 1' and some skill, since I have dabbled in actual magic of a few traditions.
Austere Emancipator
Vitun Idiootti the Angsty Teenage Moron
B2 Q2 S2 C2 I4 W2 R3 CP4
Init 3 + 1D6
E 6

Blandness, Infirm 5, Oblivious (only 1 point gained), Incompetence (Etiquette, no points gained), Incompetence (Stealth, no points gained)

Assault Rifles/RK62 0/1
Pistols/Browning HP 0/1
Stealth 1
Etiquette 1
Computer 1

Finnish 3
Finnish R/W 2
English 1
English R/W 2
Security procedures 1
Economics 1
20th century history 1
English linguistics 1
English post-colonial literature 1
Ballistics 1
BK Assault rifles 1
BK Pistols 1
BK Intimidation 1
20th century RPGs 2
Beautiful women 3

Resources: 5,000

Basic mobile phone, 5 ordinary clothes, 12 CDs of music, Walkman, Large flashlight, Swiss army knife, 30 assorted paperbacks, 20 assorted hardbacks.

Low lifestyle (1 month)

Contacts: None

And that's it. 23 Karma total with BeCKS V2, you could get 18 of me for the price of one starting shadowrunner. 29 or 31 BP depending on whether you can buy Language skills with Knowledge skill points. Intelligence 4 is pushing it, but that was the only way I could really have the Knowledge skills with College Education (which I really don't have) or a load of Points (which wouldn't make any sense).
You know... I really gotta question all the sixes here. Unless you've been growing up learing something from the time you could even start learning, and you were a freaking prodigy at it, I doubt you'd have a six.
I see my self as a mage, but also as a general purpose team member too.

bod: 3
qui: 4
str: 3
cha: 3
int: 5
wil: 7
ess: 6
mag: 6
rea: 4
init: +1d6

Athletics 3
Paintball Marker 4; Pistol 2; Stealth 4
Edge 2; Polearm/Staff 2; Karate 4
Etiquette 2; Leadership 3; fine Art(Dancing) 2
Computers 3; Electronics 3; Small Units Tactics 4; Paintball Marker B/R 3; Bicycle B/R 3
Bike(Bicycle) 5; Car 1

Architecture 2; Mathematics 3; World History 5; Physics 2; Webpage Design 3
Firearm History 2; Firearm Technology 2; Pneumatic Devices(Paintball) 3(5); Roleplaying Games(SR) 2(4)
Rave Site Locations 2; Techno DJs 2; Rouge Paintball Fields(Redlands) 2(4); Commercial Paintball Fields(riverside county) 2(4)
Indian Creek Design 4; AKA Low Pressure Specialist 4; Smart Parts 3; WDP 3; War Games Products 3; Games Workshop 4

English R/W 4(4/2); HTML 4

<e>Collage Education
<e>Technical School Education

The 7 in will power because I have a real real long patience and can put up with a lot of mental abuse, some thing I cant stand but am able to control it with a large degree of control. As for the stuff I own, it is constantly changing, getting new stuff and selling this or that so listing the stuff I own would kinda be pointless. I have a car, but the people that smogged it and trashed a cylinder head, then the slave cylinder gave out on the break system. So tend to drive my dads GMC 1500 pick up.

[Edit]Been thinking for a while and the six intelligence really does not fit, I have changed it to a more reasonable 5. And for more reasons why a willpower of 7, I have a father that can beat the dead horse better then anybody else I know. I always used to crack under it, but now I can "Filter" it out very well, and actually yes and can ignore a lot of very distracting thing aka "Sexy Women." I have on many occasions beat my teachers at mind games, I get very stubborn when I don't want to do something. I am also not very empathic to other unless I know them, one time me and a group of friends decided to taunt him when he called asking where we were by saying we where at so and so house. When it finally hit him he came over to the house we where at and balled his eyes, no matter what the others said I would not comfort my brother. My excuse was "He should have gotten the point when we where not at the other houses".[/Edit]
Digital Heroin
QUOTE (easytohate)
I cannot explain the adept powers, I could only give information on how I see myself and what I do. I feel that nothing I described is so unbelieveable that it would be unreasonable and I also beleive that anyone could do any of these feats.

You do know that dropping acid doesn't count as perceiving astral... right?
That from the poster nicknamed "Heroin". grinbig.gif

Siege: Liberal Arts Major archtype

Body 4
Quick 3
Str 3

Chr 2
Int 3
Will 5

If I had the potential, I'd be active.

Unarmed combat 1: Judo 2, jujitsu 2, karate 2, brawling 2
computers 3
computer b/r 2
car 4
dumb luck 3
drinking 3
bad jokes 2: really bad jokes 4
Meditation 3
Plotting Evil 3
Psychology 2
handgun 2
Athletics 2
Stealth 1
Small unit tactics 1
Etiquette 2
Negotiations 2: BS on command 4
Projectile weapons 1
Wilderness survival 1: Boy Scouts 2

Martial arts theory 3
Tactics and strategy 3
War of the Genders 2
Role-playing games theory 4
Anime 2
Comics 2
Sun Tzu 2
Politics 2

Incompetence: Accounting
Perfectionist, minor

Property of note:
Sig 220 handgun, two magazines
two multi-tools
several pocket knives

Kanada Ten the Factory Drone: 72 at 10 points resources; you may be closer to 67 though.

SnowRaven: 134, not going to try to account for Initiation; work out how much more that might add if you want

Austere: 23 points. Now challenging Watcher Spirits for least-expensive FoF bonuses wink.gif

Hero: 135. I accidentally forgot to copy your total, so when I pasted it came out 23. Now that was an odd double-take.

Siege: 58, assuming 20k Resources .

Tanka, if you ever want to come watch me play Quake, I will demonstrate that I validly have a 6(12) on Quake Level Area Knowedge (The Very End of You) wink.gif
I might not beat you, probably won't, but I will control the level out from under you while you crush me smile.gif

Digital Heroin
QUOTE (Siege)
That from the poster nicknamed "Heroin". grinbig.gif

What can I say... I enjoy weird electronic visions... wobble.gif

Kage: Still haven't seen my BP count.... nyahnyah.gif
What, no Rigger category? I'm there, so much. But anyway, let's see . . .

Machine Prophet, Prophet of the Machine

Bod: 2
Qck: 2
Str: 2
Cha: 3
Int: 5
Wil: 3

Ballroom Dance(Tango): 4/6
Car(Emergency Control): 4/6
Computer: 2
Etiquette(Formal): 2/5
Fencing: 2
Armchair Generalship: 3
Oratory: 4
Prosyltezation: 3

History(European): 3/5
Psychology: 3
Military Theory: 4
Philosophy(Cult of the Machine): 5/7
Roleplaying Games: 4

German: 2
Gehsar'ko Artificial Language: 3
English: 5

2002 Chrysler Town and Country, with mounted GPS
Ruger 10/22 Large Carbine rifle
Old, virus-ridden computer (from the first days of the P-4)
Stack of roleplaying books
Heavy Flashlights
Less Heavy Flashlights
Many, many green shirts

Vehicle guy, armed to the teeth. Das bin ich, yo.
Me no play Quake. Me no have PC to handle requirements. Me PC go boom if me try.

I'm more or less referring to all the people who see themselves as having 6 Int/6 (Or 7) Wil with nothing to back it up.

People tell me I'm fragging smart, but I only put myself at a 4 because that's how I see me. I know people smarter than me, and they only put themselves at 5.

As for Wil... If you've got 7 Wil, you can look at a girl with Cha 6 while she's stark naked and dropping hints like mad and still tell her no.
I have to agree. I have been evaluated to have more brainpower than 99.9997% of the rest of the human race, and I know I'm not throwing six dice for Perception tests.
More BP totals soon.


Postscript: That number equates to a 150 IQ on the WASI version of the test, for those wondering how I got it.

Edit: tanka, the char-6 naked girl dropping hints: I can turn her down. It's a custom edge: mostly asexual. Comes in handy now and then biggrin.gif
Digital Heroin, that was your 64 up there in that edit.

MachineProphet, 73.

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