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Full Version: Alternate Cyborg Rules
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How do you prefer to handle humanoid cyborg body (and any anthroform drone in fact) ? With vehicle rules (and a lot of conversion and unadapted rules but as other vehicle) or with character rules (since they interact as other characters) ?

- Daegann -
Synner was right that we'd be livid over the cyborg rules, since they're really only half finished. The rest of the rules will be in the next book, Arsenal, when we get the anthroforms. Remember that be books were origionally going to come out in the opposite order.

I personally like the cyborgs as vehicles thing. I'll hold off final judgement till I see the anthroform rules, but it finally opens up the completely inhuman possibilities: Tank treads instead of legs, being a giant mechanical spider, what have you. In the mean time we have several drones you could get your head put into, especially counting the new bio-drones.
Daegann I just wanted to say thank you for making that character generator! Love it! Merci beaucoup!
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