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Full Version: SR-ish movie recommendation:
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I just stumbled across this movie yesterday and rented it. I'll probably buy a copy. It's not exactly earth shatteringly good, but it's a fun watch, and there are several cyberpunk- and Shadowrun-esque themes throughout. Eye mods, an E-core (sems to be a sort of detachable commlink), ruthenium polymer suits (very good ones).

It's animated, in sort of a "black and white noir meets Blade Runner visuals" kind of way. Pretty cool.

Here's a link: Rennaisance (2006)
QUOTE (synopsis from imdb)
In 2054, Paris is a labyrinth where all movement is monitored and recorded. Casting a shadow over everything is the city's largest company, Avalon, which insinuates itself into every aspect of contemporary life to sell its primary export -- youth and beauty. In this world of stark contrasts and rigid laws the populace is kept in line and accounted for.

This is a movie I have been recommending to people for a while now, ever since I saw the trailer for it in October of last year. It is made by the same people that did Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly, using the same process of rotoscoping (or painting over the film to give it the unique animated look) although Renaissance uses more CG than the other two have.
It was too dark in several spots for me to enjoy all black and white is an ok idea but it needed some light in a few areas.
Agree, but a fun watch, nonetheless.

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