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Full Version: Possession and Cyberware
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I haven't been able to find any errata or FAQ on this yet but in the rules for Possession it says that you use the spirit's Mental and Special Attributes in place of the target's. Essence and Magic are Special Attributes right? Also, during regular possession it says that the possessing spirit can't use non-passive cyberware or AR/VR but in the Channeling metamagic it says that the mage retains full possession of his mental faculties. So if you are being possessed and have the Channeling metamagic can you still use your cyber and AR?

All of which leads to my next question. If you summon a force 12 spirit and bind it for a long term task and have it possess you does your Magic and Essence then become 12? Finally, this'll really piss the spirit off, but if your Essence is 12 could you then install 5.9 points of cyber and return to your original Magic of 6 but have 5.9 points of cyber?

Check out my Possession FAQ, it answers all these questions (and is backed up with page numbers and references):

The only one I'm not sure about is the cyberware question. Street Magic needs an errata page to get rid of the special attributes line, it's just weird to use the spirit's essence, edge, and magic for the hybrid being. I think you could easily say that you should use the lower of the two just like with mental attributes.
ah...thank you.
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