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Full Version: Running Speed
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Kayos Frawg
So I was reading through the Shadowrun Companion looking at the ghouls and shapeshifters, yes to try and convert them up to SR4, and noticed one of the advantages of being either one is that it affects the running multiplier in a positive way. I looked through SR4 and can't find any reference to how to determine running speed. Was the running multiplier just chucked out to simplify things? Is there a new cannon way to dertermine how fast a character runs? Anyone got any house rules for running speed? Or did I just miss the section in the book?

Thanks in advance.
Eryk the Red
Walking and running speeds are set values (you can find them in the combat chapter, I don't have my book on me for the page).

Basically, you'd just have to guess, based on how their movement used to compare to human movement and how it would now. It works a bit too different now for there to be a direct conversion.
Crusher Bob
Movement table, p138. Move rates per metatype are fixed, with bonus move being added via sprinting (running skill test).
Kayos Frawg
Awesome thanks, now to continue bringing ghouls and shapeshifters into 2070. }smile.gif
Running Multipliers were chucked in 4th edition.

As for shapeshifters and ghouls, people have discussed rules for playing them before. At length.

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