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Full Version: Retailers in the Netherlands
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Does anyone know a retailer in the Netherlands that still sells shadowrun books? It's very hard to get the books over here and there are still a lot of them I'm interested in, especially the newer FanPro releases. So if anyone could help me, thanks very much!!!!
Hey, I'm in Amsterdam, and I've basically given up on buying Shadowrun books in bookstores, so I shop for them on, or Fanpro's website. (When I'm not scamming them off Adam, of course.) There are a few places that carry a couple of books, but a lot of it are older books that they still have lying around. Where in .nl are you located?
If you're resorting to Deev then you're better off trying Leisure Games in London. They have most everything SR-wise as it's released and their shipping to continental Europe is far cheaper than (I'm not sure about FanPro though).
True. I've ordered from there a couple of times in the past, and I was always satisfied with the price and the speed of delivery.
I'm located in Tilburg, but I already know none of the shops in Tilburg, Eindhoven and Den Bosch carry any third edition books. You're right about some shops still having some second edition books lying around, but I'm not looking for those.
I suppose there's just no place in the Netherlands that still carries Shadowrun books.
Game store owners and clerks can't read minds - if you haven't, you should try seeing if they'll order Shadowrun books for you. It may simply be that sales tapered off, so they quit pre-ordering books. If you can prove that they'll move a unit or two of the new books, they maystart ordering them again or at least special ordering them for you.
Not saying I'm from Netherlands, but Adam is indeed right from where I am over in this shabby place known as Buffalo NY. Sounds like you guys are better off then where I am, I can't even find 2nd edition stuff in hardly anystores besides the one I do the hobby at. I didn't know why he wasn't getting the new stuff in. So finally I decided to ask him if he could get me Dot6W, I had it in my hands the week after(and could have had it sooner if I could've gotten down to the store before it closed. Work shifts that keep me away from certain things. Keeps me able to buy the stuff.) So I implore you to at least ask if you haven't. Not saying it will work but ussually the store owner just cares about making a profit. The don't want dead inventory.
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