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Full Version: Dead Man's Party
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Skarn Ka

I would have sent you this question privately had I found your email, but here it goes:

In "Dead's Man Party", is there a relation between the KoR (Nubian) and the third leading White besides Puck and Scarecrow called... The Nubian ?

Apart from that, I really enjoyed the story.

Thanks Jon and beware the woodchucks
Jon Szeto
The Nubian at the end of the story is not part of the Knights of Rage, no.

She is part of the triumvirate leading the Deus faction of the Network, yes, and has appeared in Threats 2 and Renraku Arcology: Shutdown.

Glad to hear you liked the story. It was actually based on a throwaway shadowtalk quote from Dragons. I just thought I'd use it as a point of inspiration.
Skarn Ka
So it's coincidental that the Nubian name is used for both ? And the reason why you did not name her, uh ?
I love Celedyr and I love the Arc-Deus plot, so your story was very appealing to me smile.gif
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