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Big D
A while back in one of the CZ threads, I joked about inhabiting a jarhead with an Ally for increased power and reduced odds of going ED-209. Somebody mentioned that it would be a lot cheaper and easier to just grab somebody off the street, cyber them up, and inhabit them, which got me thinking (probably a bad thing)...

At any rate, here's just a back-of-the-pad slapped-together CyberAlly, made to be pretty darn effective at everything while keeping karma costs to something a real mage might someday see without abusing Power Pact+Karma Drain (it does, however, assume the full and blatant exploit of Ally Sustain to max out all attribute/IP enhancements).

The body is penciled in as a Type O clone for those of us who find the UB's methods a tad... icky. I'm not sure if the Type O benefit to basic bioware would automatically apply here; if it doesn't, then a few of the toys would have to be dropped. In addition, some of the more expensive toys could be easily dropped to save money without having a large impact on the final results.

[ Spoiler ]

Very pricy, but the price can be literally cut in half ( nuyen.gif 260,000) by removing Enhanced Articulation, Bone Density, Encephalon, and Simsense Booster.

Kyoto Kid
...uhh Thor shot?

(first thought that came to mind...)
Big D
I pity da' fool!
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