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Full Version: The Texas Shadows
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Well, I have been lurking around here a little while now and have need to ask a question of the masses. I am new to Shadowrun, or at least I haven't looked at it since 1st edition, and am looking to start a campaign in Texas, basically focusing on smuggling through the Aztlan/CAS border and maybe even working up to a rebellion of some sorts (Aztlan taking rest of Texas from CAS, CAS taking Texas from Aztlan, Texas becoming an independent nation again, or staying status quo... just some interesting plot possibilities for the future). The game will start in the Houston metroplex, as that is where myself and the players live giving a basis to work from, but it will move from there to encompass more of the region.

But I need sources, as info seems somewhat difficult to find, especially anything recent. I just borrowed the Aztlan and Lone Star books from a friend, and he is trying to find his copy of Shadows of North America, but is there anywhere else I can find info on the region?

Thanks for any help in advance.
Ancient History
The Neo-Anarchist's Guide to North America, gives some detail on Dallas/Ft. Worth.
Appeal to Patrick Goodman. He was running the AzzieWatch Dumpshock site. but sadly that one hasn't made it back yet.He loves Texas and hates Aztlan grabbing bits of it, so he'd be a great source of information.
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Big D
There isn't a whole lot out there. Just remember that the border is heavily guarded, and expect lots of astral activity, too. If the balloon goes up, there will be a *lot* of firepower flying around, and plenty of contingency plans firing off all at once. Not quite MAD, but close.
Patrick Goodman
Target: Matrix has some info on some Texas-related Matrix sites (some of which might have even survived into the 2070s...some of that's still up in the air), and Year of the Comet deals with Texas/Azzie relations in a roundabout way. There's really not much out there, though, that hasn't been mentioned already.

As I find myself getting more motivated to deal with SR again, I plan on dusting some of my (extremely unofficial) Texas material off. Someday I might actually write some of Sons of the Alamo to post for people's reading pleasure.
Zhan Shi
Shadows of North America will have info on the CAS. If you can get hold of it, Aztlan would also be useful.
QUOTE (Patrick Goodman)
As I find myself getting more motivated to deal with SR again, I plan on dusting some of my (extremely unofficial) Texas material off. Someday I might actually write some of <i>Sons of the Alamo</i> to post for people's reading pleasure.

And there was much rejoicing.

Always nice when someone's dragged back in, monkey on the back, back off the wagon, and so on. smile.gif
Patrick Goodman
It's still hard for me to deal with SR on a continued basis; people tend to want bleak and dark in their game, and I've kind of grown past that. My own personal mindset it to try and find the glimmer of hope a lot of writers want to deny exists. But this is one of my most beloved games, and I've been with it since it came out and I'm still here.

We'll see how it goes. smile.gif In the meantime, I still need to work on a bunch o' stuff for AzzieWatch, whether it remains here on Dumpshock or moves to my own domain. I'd like to keep it here, but I fear my long absence from site maintenance might have jeopardized its reinstatement priority....
Wolfhound Jack
For what it's worth, this is the outline for a campaign I've started up. Basically I wrote the "this is how it should go" stuff and now I'm working on the individual missions to get it to that point.

Any comments, help, etc. would be appreciated.
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