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Full Version: Klaus Scherwinski art appreciation thread
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Having gotten to hang out a little and chat a lot with Shadowrun artist Klaus Scherwinski at the last few GenCons may have skewed my perceptions a little bit, but it helps that he's one hell of an artist to boot. The man is very cool, very funny, and just an amazing artist. He sketches nonstop while manning the booth (First FanPro, now Catalyst), and does some great sketches in mere minutes. Those who were at the "Whats Up with IMR" seminar at GC this year can attest to that, as he did a really nice, large sketch while waiting for the seminar to start.

His official site can be found Here. He's got some nice art up there, but it's only the tip of the iceberg, really. He's only got a fraction of his art displayed there.

Anyways, this thread is really just an excuse to show off some of the sweet art he's sketched in the front of several of my books. smile.gif I also have a print of his Optimus Prime cover for IDW's Transformers comic that I got this year at GC.

Ork Decker - The first sketch he did, this is a really sweet looking Ork Decker he did at GenCon 2005 when SR4 came out in the front cover of my original SR4 book (regular edition).

Troll - This one's a little harder to see, as it was done in pencil. Klaus stole my SR4 LE from me overnight and put a little extra detail into this one at GenCon 2006.

Dwarf Sammy - A pic Klaus did this year in my Augmentation book. I'm not sure how long this one took, as people kept coming up to him as he tried to start this pic, so I told him he could work on it whenever he had time and left it with him for the day. He's a great pic, with some good detailing. He asked me what to draw, and since it was for Augmentation, I figured Dwarf (Since I hadn't seen him sketch any Dwarves lately) with a Cyberarm. ork.gif

Hopefully, I'll remember to bring Street Magic next year, and get him to do something up in there, Arsenal, and Unwired (assuming he has the time and energy smile.gif).

So, any of you GC goers get any nifty sketches you want to show off, or anyone else have any favorite pieces he's done in the SR books?

Rotbart van Dainig
Great stuff. Still, I miss Steve "BigNoses" Prescott. frown.gif
QUOTE (Rotbart van Dainig)
Great stuff. Still, I miss Steve "BigNoses" Prescott. frown.gif

I find I've been a bit of a fan of some of the more controversial artists... namely Prescott and Laubenstein (In my head, all trolls look like they were done by Laubenstein).

I think my favorite artist, because he was very rock solid and was realistic while not going photorealistic was Jim Nelson. Good guy, great artist.

But enough about those chumps! None of them party like Klaus* smile.gif


*Well, ok, none of them have partied with me smokin.gif
Klaus is a damn cool cat, that's for sure. His art rocks on toast, too.

Here's the badass ork he did for me in the front my copy of Augmentation at Gencon this year.
Very cool stuf.

Laubenstein I only like in Earthdawn. *shrug*
QUOTE (Bull)
Dwarf Sammy - A pic Klaus did this year in my Augmentation book.

I don't know what makes me more jealous: the fact that you have a drawing done by Klaus (who is undoubtly a hell of an artist!) or that you have a hardcopy of Augmentation biggrin.gif

Love Jim Nelson and especially Jeff Laubenstein, too. love.gif
Demonseed Elite
If Klaus did more Shadowrun book covers, I'd be a very happy camper.

Hell, more interior art too! grinbig.gif
Klaus did me a troll guy in my Shadows of Europe book I got at GenCon, which he also did the cover for. Gotta tell you, the man drew that picture faster than I could've decided what I wanted to draw. Here's the link to the pic.

Second that motion to get Klaus to draw more SR, if you can pull him away from Degenesis for a while. smile.gif
who did the troll in sr2?
QUOTE (hobgoblin)
who did the troll in sr2?

Which one? smile.gif

And damn, my SR2 is packed away god knows where, so I can;t even flip through...

If it's one of the archetype pics, I want to say Laubenstein, but not positive.
checked SR3 as the same one was used there. and if i had done so i would have seen that they where signed. nelson, i think...
Ahh, the "Sample Metahuman" pics by the Race descriptions.

Yeah, Jim Nelson. smile.gif

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