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Full Version: We've got our trideo holoTV
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This demo will blow your mind - full motion, full color, full 360 degree holomovies. The video starts out "neat, another hologram" - until you walk behind the display. Wait until you get to the middle and then the end of the video to see how far they've already pushed the video and motion quality.

I want 360 degree Halo in the middle of my living room by Xmas!
The real question is - why arn;t the deathstar blueprints in that demonstration?! I mean, come on!
The technology is extremely nice. However, as the father to five-year-old twins and a three-year-old I can imagine the shrapnel now. I'll wait a few years before I put this in my living room.
Think of the engineering and medical applications. The ability to make a true 3d model of something would be invaluable. Probably not practical for the home market right now though.
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