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Full Version: Quick-Start Rules Confusion
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I quickly looked the rules through and missed a heartbeat when I read in Damage Example Box that you get -2 wound modifier from 5 boxes of damage. As I understand, quick-start rules don't change the core rules in that section (I hope) and I have always thought that minimum damage you need for -2 wound modifier is 6 boxes of damage. read.gif

Also I found this thread, so I have "minority" of players behind me (pun intended). proof.gif

Thanks. I now go back to the shadows to talk to my imaginary pet dragon. No, I'm not crazy, even though she insists that.
Its possible that the character in the example has Low Pain Tolerance.
I believe that the QSR is mistaken; we juggled some numbers late and so the wound modifier should be -1. I hadn't seen the linked thread before, and it raises some interesting ideas. Thanks for pointing it out.
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