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Full Version: The Seraphim
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From the few lines about the Seraphim I've read in Corporate Download and Sixth World Wiki make them seem like liquid awesome IC and OOC. Any one got leads on where I could find more dirt/plot hooks related to the Seraphim of CATco
well, CATco is kinda gone in SR4.

however, i know i've seen at least a few people speculating on this, the seraphim were pretty danged crazy. iirc, most people assume that when ares absorbed CATco, they probably only got a few, if any, of the seraphim, and that the seraphim probably exist as a separate organisation dedicated to restoring CATco or something like that. do a search on them, you should find something.

perhaps one of the most interesting possibilities, imo, was that there would still be seraphim scattered all over the place in deep cover, some of them maybe not even knowing that they're seraphim until certain trigger phrases are spoken smile.gif

but really, try the search smile.gif
hmm yeah Id agree with the above also this link has some good info if you milk it right.


I also read something somewhere that implied that the seraphim melted away after CATco got mulched that suggested that they became their own splinter group/org with unknown objectives... but cant find it atm so better to not assume that one.

Seraphim is second only to Shiawase's MFID as the top intel agency IN THE WORLD. no way its going down without a good punch.... besides if it has to lose cross to finish its aim... big woop.
QUOTE (Spark)
Seraphim is second only to Shiawase's MFID as the top intel agency IN THE WORLD.

Big call.
Here's a fairly recent-ish thread with some ideas of what's become of them.
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thanks all. the old posts seem to talk cover all the dips and dabs pretty extensively
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