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Full Version: Started my SR4 campaign today.
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Kicked off an SR4 campaign today, down at the flgs (EndGame in Oakland). We used the book pregens with the exception of my friend [url=]Mike]/url], and it was everyone's first time with the 4th edition rules. Of six players, three were familar with the 4th ed setting (and older), two only older editions, and one newb. Five of the group are experienced roleplayers.

I used sheets from the Shadowrun fanresources page, including player cheat sheets. I also have the GM screen. I ran the SR Missions episode of "An Once of Prevention". The PC's were a street samurai (custom build by Mike), occult investigator, face, combat mage, troll enforcer.

Everybody enjoyed the session muchly, and wants to play on an every two- to three-week schedule.

Combined with yesterday's Classic Battletech launch party at EndGame, it was a weekend of old school gaming goodness. wink.gif
... i hope you're planning on using something like the recommended missions thing that lets you swap out the archetype from the book for one you make yourself after you've had a chance to get the hang of things...

in general, the archetypes from the book are not very well designed... nor are they particularly likely to follow the rules exactly...
Yea, absolutely. I think everyone's planning on doing just that.
Hey why don't you make an AAR like me? Would be fun to read up on someone elses campaign for a change, and maybe I'll get inspired as well...

Well, if you have the time..
QUOTE (Jaid)
in general, the archetypes from the book are not very well designed...

Haha, yes. Like the hacker with no Exploit program (pretty much the cornerstone of all hacking) or the rigger who's allergic to sunlight.
Make sure you grab the Errata. The sample Archetypes have the highest concentration of corrections per page than anywhere else in the book.
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