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Which SR game book(s) is Singapore mentioned in? Cyberpirates? Does it get more description than a passing reference?

I don't need actual details (I probably have the books), I'm just not familiar with any references to Singapore to SR to the extent I don't even know where to begin looking.

And if it's not in the books, cool. I'll wing it.
Not many sources, apparently
Target: Matrix (p.47-49) has some information about Singapore to explain the context in which the Morgue datahaven came into existence. The major one is that Singapore government followed the Pueblo Corporate Council example and adopted a simili-corporate stricture.

There are several corps known to be based in Singapore. From the top of my head: the Market Research Group (world biggest consumer data services, with ownership divided between the government and some of the Big Ten ; T:M), Gavilan Ventures (Dunkelzahn' shell for his Ares stock ; Corporate Shadowfiles), Ultimax (minigun manufacturer, subsidiary of Renraku Asia SR3 and Corporate Download), Toyota-Singarms (okay, it's only a guess that a company called Singarms would be a Singapore based company ; SOTA63). Mitsuhama is said to control most of the heavy industry there (Corporate Download).
Outstanding. Thank you both.
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