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I recently had to make a technomancer charactor and relized I dont have a fraggin clue how they work. I read in the SR core book, but other than that, I have very little understanding. Can someone throw me a bone here?
What confuses you? Are you wondering how the rules for interacting with the Matrix works, or just what some of the primary strategies are?
Yeah, it's hard to answer the question without a bit more clarification. TMs are a weird mix between regular hackers, commlinks, and magicians; their Commlink stats use their mental attributes instead of physical devices; their persona condition monitor is their actual stun condition monitor (which sucks, let me tell you). Their "programs" are paid for by karma and stored in their heads, plus they can summon sprites (which for most intents and purposes can be a considered a typo of "spirits"). Also, they officially use non-standard versions of hacking and computer skills; so TMs can learn Cracking ™ and Cracking (non-TM), but they're very different methods.

Outside of those weirdnesses, they operate under almost exactly the same rules as hackers.
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