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Full Version: Barrier Rating (Materials)
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Can someone give me an idea (using actual material/depth/etc) as to what the different barrier ratings do? I quic construction work back when I became a programmer, and even then I couldn't have answered this question... Structural? Heavy? Reinforced? Heavy Structural? Hardened?

Thinking of making my own version of UrbanRenewel meets HellBlast (Extended Area, Blast+Fire Elemental Manipulation Area spell) which can only be cast at Deadly Damage causing a drain of: +9(D) for 12D stun to cast it at Force 6. The problem is that it appears I'll only be able to effect objects with a barrier rating =< 12 (Structural), and am wondering what parts of a building will be left over after the blast....

So... anyone ever seen a bit more useful a listing anywhere?

In one of the books they give a bit more specific examples of materials/barrier ratings. I think it might be SSG. Anyone remember seeing it?
I know SOTA have additional examples of materials and their BR, in the security section.
Excellent, so Plastisteel is a gonner under Force 6, but Steel Reinforced (or any blast-plated style wall) is gonna remain standing. Thanks. Well, let's hope these Aztech buildings don't have blast-plated walls. nyahnyah.gif

Actually blast against barriest from spells is double barrier rating IIRC, so this spell will only affect barriers rating 6 or lower. I need to verify that tho.
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