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Full Version: question on masking metamagic?
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If an adept without astral perception, initiates would he be able to to mask his aura if he can't astrally percept. This has come up in a game I'm running and I'm not sure if there are any rules on it. The adept wants to look mundane, and the power doesn't say you have to be specifically perceptive to do that, but how could he know his powers working if he can't even see aura's. So does anyone know if there's any official rules on this, or what makes the most sense?
Ask someone with Astral Perception to look at you?

Now hopefully they will answer truthfully. For some things you may want to rely on others.
Given that it's not 'on or off', it's a contested roll, that's like saying, "Can you see the gun I hid on my person?" Some can, some can't. There's no objective standard for it - it's based on the skill of both participants.
Same way he knows how to heal himself (with the appropriate powers)..

He centers himself, focuses his Chi, etc....

Sure some people may be fooled and other wont... but its like a method actor getting into characters...

Want to be mundane... you start focusing on 'how a mundane feels' ... and if you got masking, you fool some people....

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