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Full Version: A Question About Spirits
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I'm looking into using Insect Spirits but I'm a little confused as to what happens when the spirit is inhabiting a host. What powers does it retain? Street Magic is fairly clear on what happens to the host, but not the Spirit. Allhelp would be appreciated.
Well it depends on wether the merge is "good" or not.

Check out the sidebar in SM pg 100.

If the merge is good (i.e. the host body looks the same as before), the spirit gets immunity to normal weapons, dual natured, and gains Realistic Form and Aura masking.

It dosen't really say what other powers it may keep, but it certainly loses Evanescence, Astral Form and Inhabitation (until disrupted), and natural weapon (only true form and hybrid form). It retains Sapience (duh), and probably Hive Mind also if it has it.

As for the more normal powers I'm not sure, such as Search, Concealment, Movement.... But I'm guessing it keeps all the non-physical powers.
Big D
Spirit always retains all of its powers (ignoring the whole Inhabitation/Possession/Materialization thing for a second).

Spirit always retains all of its mental stats and magic, as well as INW.

Physical stats are either Force (True Form, which is essentially a normal spirit), or Force+meatbody stat.

Anything other than True Form also gets access to things like DNI. Only a good merge, however, keeps the victim's skills and full memories.
Actually, True Form stats Force+modifiers, just like other spirits.
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