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Full Version: Cyberlimb Armor
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My gaming group has several different views on how armor for cyberlimbs works, so I'm coming to you guys for an answer. I'm the GM of the group, btw.

When your figuring out your total ballistic/impact, does your cyberlimb armor add its full value? Or do you have to divide your cyberlimb armor by something and then thats what gets added to your overall ballistic/impact?

Also, does cyberlimb armor affect your encumberence?

Thanks in advance
I believe that the general consensus is that it adds it's full value, similar to a helmet. No dividing or anything tricky, it just adds.
Also, it does not affect encumbrance.

I don't have any quotes to back me up on this, though, but it's how I've been handling it.
I remember Synner confirmed that cyberlimb armor does stack (so 2 cyberarms each with 3 armor add 6 to your overall armor). I don't think he's added it to the official FAQ or errata yet though.

So yeah, that means your cybersam is bulletproof. But since my possession mage is bulletproof too, it seems only fair that cyberronin can be bulletproof too.
Not bulletproof, just more likely to get knocked out than bled out.
Why would you get knocked out from being shot non-lethally in your cyber-bits?

Also, at what point do you start needing to use cybertechnology skill to fix a cyber-sam, as opposed to first aid?
as soon as hit locations or gm fiat tell you that it was those cybery bits and not the fleshy bits got hit.
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