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Full Version: Initiative vs IPs
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"Wired reflexes cannot be combined with any other form of Initiative enhancement"
Same for Synaptic Booster and the Adept power of Improved Reflexes; they are three parallel paths to increased speed (cyber, bio or adept).
However, does this just mean that you can't stack added IPs, or does it also mean that the bonus to derived Initiative score vanishes if you have a parathyroid (which increases Reaction stat and thus derived Initiative) or Reaction Enhancer, or if your mage buddy casts Increase Reaction on you? The former seems necessary for balance, the latter not so much.

The spell Increase Reflexes is different in directly boosting Inititiative without boosting Reaction. The spell text doesn't have a no-stack clause, and neither does Increase Attribute, so presumably casting Increase Reflexes and Increase Reaction could result in a high Initiative score. Hmm, that might be a good use for a sustaining focus or Spell Quickening; combine it with Combat Sense and never get beat to the punch again!
Well, the FAQ (stupidly) states that Wired Reflexes can't stack with Reaction Enhancers (but Synaptic Boosters can).

In my games, there is a difference between Initiative and Reaction. A character cannot combine things that give a bonus to Initiative (extra passes), but are free to utilize different Reaction-increasing Ware. The one exception to this is that I don't allow Ware and Magic to combine.
I handle it the same way as fortune: If something gives you extra Initiative Passes, you can't combine it with other things that give you more IPs, but you're free to add as many Reaction enhancing things that you like (within the rules limits, of course).
QUOTE (Riley37)
... and never get beat to the punch again!

No matter how fast you are, an opponent can always spend Edge to go first. wink.gif
Something that boosts Reaction, like the suprathyroid, isn't the same as something that boosts Initiative. Basically, one raises initiative directly, the other indirectly.

At any event, what they mean is that things that grant Extra IP's don't stack. If you've got Wired 1, and someone casts Increase Reflexes 3 on you, then you take the larger of the two. In this case, you get 3 IP's, not 4.
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