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Full Version: Vehicle Damage
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I am trying to find a chart or something that would list the SR4 damage codes (or even a variant of those codes) that continues past HMG.

I understand that LMG is something like 5.56 mm, MMG is 7.62 and HMG is 12.7mm. What I am trying to figure out is what the dmage codes would be going farther up the scale. What is 20, 25, 37, etc. Basically I want to convert some modern weapons from the Tank and artillery scale.

Barring that does anyone have a list of Modern weapons into that scale in SR3? That way I can translate it.

Any ideas?
They don't really translate well to real guns. Things are too clumped at low end. ARs work a lot better than pistols. And .50 cals are really lethal. As in one hit and you are most likely dead. More more lethal and effective in penetrating armor than the HMG in SR.

That said, there are several people who have done translations.
Well I was using the Hoosier conversion that increases the damage codes but I need more of the middle stuff. Like what does a panther cannon most likely fire? Is it a version of an existing weapon?

Do you have any urls of some of the conversions?

kzt (keep going, it's on page 2.) Crusher Bob has other threads that I can't find right now.

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