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Full Version: 21st Century Phantom Limb
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Zen Shooter01
This is kind of creepy.
heh, i think anyone that own a mobile phone have sworn they heard it ring at times when it did not...
I had been wearing glasses for nearly 20 years. This past winter I underwent laser surgery to correct my vision. From time to time I will still try to adjust my glasses or reach under them to scratch my eye. The body learns habitual activity. Of course, its better than those amputees that swear their detached body part is itching.
I believe the hatchetman story had him occasionally misplacing his cyberarm.

personally, I don't buy it from a real world standpoint: The cyberarm's neural connection would override the false signals from missing tissue.

From a Shadowrun metaphysics, however, its perfectly fine: You are missing an arm shapped chunk of soul, after all....

I know: Not relevant, but its the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title.
I'm disappointed. The Real 21st Century Phantom Limb.

But yes, we become accustomed to our equipment. I'm still missing a watch that I lost years ago.
Two things:
1) I get phantom cell-phone vibrations all the time.
2) I had a phantom arm the other day, it was crazy. I woke up and there were two people in the bed and five arms. At least, that's what I thought. My fiancee was there, and I could see her arms, my right arm was helping me move around and inspect the arm problem, so no problems there, and my left arm was stretched out over by her. I could feel it, it was moving, no problems, a perfectly normal arm. Okay, so technically I hadn't actually looked at it yet, but why bother, I could feel it. But that left this other strange arm under my face, and I couldn't figure out who it belonged to. (Yes, I'm pretty stupid when I first wake up) So I decide to track this thing back to it's source. I'm at the hand end, there's a forearm, an elbow, so far so good, an upper arm, holy crap it's connected to my left shoulder! But I'm already moving my left arm way over there, and this one isn't moving at all! So great, now I have two left arms, what do I do with this? The fiancee is still out, so no help there. Well by now it was high-time I checked on that other left arm that I'd been so happily manipulating, and at this point it wasn't much of a surprise that it wasn't there. But I could still feel it, still move it, it just wasn't there. Damn, this is a persistent phantom limb! I decided that maybe if I put both of my left arms in the same place they might...I don't know...stick, or something. So I put the one on top of the other. Sure enough, it worked; I couldn't separate them in my head anymore. Of course, now I just had one dead numb arm, but at least I could flop it around a bit, if not feel anything. And then, the pins and needles kicked in. Yikes.
That seriously messed with my head first thing in the morning. Does this happen to anyone else?
Not to me. But then, sometimes I have to go right back to sleep because the world needs saving. I have no idea what that means, but it happens a lot.

The other thing i do is fall, but that happens on the other end of the sleep cycle. biggrin.gif
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