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Full Version: New Unique Spirits
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I was reading MitS and I got to thinking- what other unique spirits could there be?

The only one I can think of is the Flying Dutchman.
Well, try using the myths and legends of other cultures, not necessarily limited to Judeo-christian, but try Hindu or Chinese or Egyptian.
If one wanted a direct RPG source, it might be interesting to check out GURPS Spirits which includes a number of interesting spirit 'types'.

Mmm... GURPS...
Well... there is the Easter Bunny.... a moderate level free spirit with the wealth power (brightly decorated eggs), and a physical manifestation in the form of a giant pink bunny wearing a nametag which reads "Not Harvey."
Well, I know how many people tend to view the game but it does often have some rather good and well written, if generic (kind of by definition), sourcebooks out there. I seem to remember skimming through a playtest version of Spirits and thinking that it could be useful at a later date... I also remember finding the GURPS versions of such things as the various WoD books to be more useful than the WW versions...

But - heck! - some of that is vague recollection and impression...

In fact, now that I think about it... Yep, probably will be a used in the ED/SR 'cross-over' that I'm planning. But there we go.

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