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Full Version: Real life EMT vs junkie battle = DocWagon campaign
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Wounded Ronin
So over on someone wrote a story about being a DEADLY SHAOLIN EMT in Canada and how he would get into fights with junkies and the like. I thought that it really resembled possible events in a DocWagon campaign for Shadowrun 3rd edition.


I used to be an EMT in a nice bleak Northern industrial town. Nothing to do but get drunk, stoned, get in bar fights and skidoo. (Kinda like Edmonton, just not as much snowmobilling here). Anywhow, lots and lots of creaps how liked to attack ambulance attendants doing our job. So yes, lots of street fights. I'd say I have had at least 50-60 bad ones "on the street" just doing my job, even with a ton of skillful talkdowns instead of takeouts. If it was at all avoidable, we tried to stay out of scraps. Punching and kicking and maglight/O2 bottle beatdowns were reserved only for armed predators and the most deranged screwballs- it also made more work for us patching the fools up afterwards. But lots still happened.
So thank friggin' god, my roomate and ambulance partner knew BJJ, and worked corrections. He was a huge asset and helped boost up our training- which was rudimentary JJ and Judo from paramedic school. My MA stuff was all standup until then. But even then I saw how not pummeling my patients may have been a boon. lol
You want a fight example, here is one vs multiple opponents. Its kinda long so bear with. We got caught out in a place with no to little radio contact to base (unknown to us before that), and it was full of cracked up fools who called the ambulance in a for of thinking one of their pals overamped (OD'd). The Johnson appartments. It was pretty notorious so we should have known. So when the guy turned out to be fine and they wanted our med/drug kit things got ugly fast. When I couldn't reach the RCMP or even the base ( and the old granny at the hospital emerg tended to turn off our radio there because it just seemed to be too loud for her) my most powerful weapon- the radio was out too. I had tried to call for backup as soon as they started to get lippy, and both our instincts kicked in.The call was a scam. So my pal Mike stepped up and blocked four of the punks out of the bedroom where the faker was lying on the bed. .. There were five v two.
The punk we were called in for jumped up off his bed and onto my back trying to headlock me first, saying I'm gonna kill you fucker, and the other guys started saying- hey, get 'em. Frick. I managed to get into more of an open space in their living room/cesspool (yes with AIDS needles) and flipped him over my head through the coffee table. More judo there, whatever. I popped on a rear naked choke as hard and fast as I could and lifted him up to shield myself because the others were coming at us now. Mike started to fight now. He armbarred the first guy, popped the elbow joint out, and chucked him into another one, and we pushed for the door and I chucked the punk at the others too, but he kinda just flopped and started seizuring for real this time. Mike smashed another guy in the nose as he hopped over the guy doing the chicken then guilotined him for a few seconds and chucked him back at the other guys. We basically just kept grappling them and criss-crossing them into eachother's paths. Then Mike told me to get the fu** out and try the unit's radio, he'd hold them, and they had started to give up some by then. It was only a few feet outside the door so I hopped in and tried again, stupid, but I didn't know it wasn't just my handheld. But, then I tried the emergency frequency and got fire dispatch and everyone with a scanner could hear I figured so they could call backup. I ran back, but Mike had one of them locked up on the wall with this maglight this time and they were done, and the punk was awake saying sorry(and oddly not to give him an AIDS test, glad I never punched him in the face/became blood brothers). I missed some of it, but they were flying around pretty good when Mikey covered my retreat. I could hear sirens pretty fast after my second call. It was totally stupid, but there were elements of all sorts of fighting in that one. Fast clinching and grappling because it was so tight in there though. Once they gave up, I grabbed the gun tape we use to secure patients to backboards and started taping the fools up/ together. When the cops and fire backup got there the were friggin' laughing at us for that one. All I got was a minor fat lip, Mike, not a scratch. Lucky junkies are out of shape and too broke to have guns or decent knives in this case or we'd be dead meat. Tons of paperwork on that one though, that hurt the worst that night. People got in shit for having their radios off too.

Man, I wish I could be a combat EMT. ;_;
Kyoto Kid
...agreed, this has some really nice "possibilities".
Wow. In real life that stuff's frightening, but in Shadowrun it makes for a good night out.
This is what all ambulance drivers should be like. None of that "stay out of the hot zone until the suspects are secured", just get in there BJJ their asses.

They should make a television show about these guys.
Nah, see, the way to make it Shadowrun is to remove the bit about the guy faking and the other people jumping the EMTs. See, the EMTs walk in, and they see everyone's wearing a DocWagon tag, but none of them have the bracelets that indicate real high-end service. So what do they do? Well, five emergency patients gives you five times the fees one call does, and they're just junkies anyway…

QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
Well, five emergency patients gives you five times the fees one call does, and they're just junkies anyway…

Brilliant! Now we can combine the archetypical "Immoral" campaign with the previously goodie-two-shoes(-ish) DocWagon campaign.

"What do you mean his transponder didn't go off until we arrived on scene... it was going off when we got there, should have heard the racket."

"Sir, we just instituted new silent transponders, they only register here at base."

"...Uh... old model bracelet?"
QUOTE (Wounded Ronin)
Man, I wish I could be a combat EMT.  ;_;

Just take a plane ride down to Rio.

Edit: Aha! I knew that we'd had a previous thread about that story. smile.gif
Doc Wagon has no such compunctions about throwing grenades. Though I expect they bill the victim for them...
Maybe California is just chiller than Canada, but I've never been in a position as an EMT where I couldn't talk people down. Also, I've always had sherrifs on scene every time I was in a residence or facility with a patient who had a recent history of violent behavior.

Makes for lousy stories actually.

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