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Full Version: Programs for DM's and Players
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I'm looking for a set of programs (or even one program) that can help me when I'm running SR at a local game store.

I recently bought a new laptop, and am planning on using it to keep track of rounds, characters, npc's, and such but am finding it hard to get hold of a decent program for windows.

If you have one, or know where I can grab one from, please tell me. I'll be eternally gratefull

You might want to try looking in the community projects forum (sub-forum from shadowrun). I've seen dice rollers and probability calculators on-line but I don't think there are any Shadowrun Meta-tools out there. Notepad/whatever would be my choice.
Check out McMackie's joint for NSRCG, the de facto standard for computerized character creation. While on that page, look for SR Tracker, a GM tool for managing combat turns.
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