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Full Version: AR programming for RL ?
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So I was going to get source code for a book I bought and came across this interesting tidbit. The book is not out yet (Jan 2008) however I found the prospect interesting and some what foreboding. Looks like 4th ed might be onto something.

Augmented Reality: A Practical Guide

meh, I'll stick with my DNI smile.gif
Taking a closer look, my DNI strikes me as being more trode like. indifferent.gif
No, it really is DNI, the article mentions implanting electrodes to get a clearer signal and how it's superior to electrodes glued to the head, as the skull degrades and distorts the neural signals. <insert obligatory 'thickheaded' comment here>.

The 3rd page "BCI Applications" is especially interesting, as it explicitly states the idea that it could be used for prosthetic limbs, i.e. Cyberware. Funnily enough, the way it's written implies that it's a forgone conclusion for them that it will be implemented, they're already dealing with theories on how people would have to learn to use their DNI driven prostethics. and really, just look at that picture.

Page 4 "Sensory Input" deals with the basic concept of cybereyes/ears.

The AR book seems quite interesting as well, with the mention of "video see through technology" I wonder if they'll be discussing the idea of AR glasses as we have in SR4. Might well be interesting to look at how they percieve it today, as it seems to mainly be a contemporary guide.
I've read several books on the subject... The majority of them talks about the future implacations, the problems remaining (i.e.: tracking more than one real life objects in real time) and programmers challenge for the upcoming generation...

That being said, we are very far from SR... and the human interfaces are quite stupid so far.
I already did some AR programming lately. Nothing groundbreaking, but it's fun.
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