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Full Version: Smartlink and Grenade Launchers
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Hi Guys,
I've always played that Smartlink can give a benefit to firing grenade launchers, but its only a -1 TN bonus on the shot instead of -2, and only when Smartlink 2 is used. I've played that Smartlink 1 doesn't give a benefit at all.

Do you agree this is canon? Do you use a different rule for underbarrel launchers vs. regular launchers? Do you use a different rule if the Smartlink2 is provided by Goggles instead of cyberware? There is no benefit for Missile Launchers. How about rocket launchers or mortar launchers?

References: M&M p. 31; SR3 p. 118
I don't know. There's an error in there somewhere (the bit on P31,MM) and it's GM's disgression as-to what it is. It says the bonus applies to linked weapons, then gives 3 examples, only one of which you'd expect to be 'linked' (the underbarrel grenade launcher). I'd go with the fact that it does mean 'linked weapons' and not launch weapons (as the examples it gives are) and thus you can smartlink-1 an MGL 6/12 or a rocket launcher and get a -2 TN.

For your set of questions at the bottom:
I'd have to wait to see what other people say to say if it's cannon.
By my rules, yes.
There is a benefit for rocket, missile, and mortar launchers, even from a smartlink-1.
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