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Full Version: Full body cyborgs
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OK I'm feeling a little index challenged here but I have the book for cyberware and read about the full body prostetics-who they are usually supposed to be NPC's and childrens' brains are better suited etc, but I'm missing where are the rules about how the body's operate, things like physical attributes etc and COST.

Do these count as CZ's?
Cyborgs are in the cutting edge chapter in the back.
The bodies are drones so they have attributes just like drones. Surprisingly they also cost as much as a drone would.
one thing to note about cyborgs are that arsenal should originally be released before augmentation, and with that give the players and gamemasters more then enough toys to make cyborgs interesting (antroform drones, vehicle/drone modification rules and so on).

right now the best you can do is stuff one inside a doberman and watch the face of the hacker player when he tries to hack it and finds that its operating with no wireless active, and with the smarts to indicate that its rigger controlled wink.gif
I posted a complete cyborg and analysis if you're interested:
The Red Menace
So, can a cyborg operate the drone body without using wireless technology? The reason I ask is because if there is no wireless technology...there is no open node which by default would make the drone unhackable, unless you physically came up to it and hacked inside of it.
Well, considering the brain case of the cyborg is litterially jammed -into- the drone, I see no reason that it should use wireless to operate the drone. Now, it may have it for the same reasons runners have, but not to operate the drone itself.
They are plugged into their body. No WiFi needed. That's one of the advanteges, the unhackable drone.
Except, like Karaden said, to the extent that runners' cyber is hackable. If the cyborg is taking all the special precautions, then yes, it's pretty much unhackable. But for just day to day operations, there's probably some advantage to letting the drone body use wireless. I have no idea what these advantages are, but the books talk about almost all cyber using wireless unless specified otherwise, so I'd imagine there must be some. Of course, day-to-day operation is kind of a weird concept in the case of a brain on wheels with a heavy weapon attached, but I figure even cyborgs probably get a day off every once in a while, just to keep fatigue from exacting unnecessary wear and tear on what was probably a multimillion nuyen.gif investment. So maybe if you got the drop on the thing, you'd be able to pull off something sneaky. But as a general rule, I would try to avoid conflict with strange mechanical men, anyway.

Disclaimer: I've never even seen Robocop, so what do I know?
The Red Menace
In the Augmentation book it talks about cyberware always being wireless. The reason being is for daily bug scans, damage analysis and status checks. So I would assume that all of the parts are defaulted to wireless, however...I would agree that if you get the jump on a cyborg, you might be able to get a program or two off before the cyborg detects you. I would then imagine the cyborgs 1st move would be to shut down all of its wireless nodes and search for the person who is tampering with the cyborg's goodies.

I think you could also say however that a cyborg shadowrunner (in the case of PC's) would rarely have its wireless on do to detection.

You could also make the point that unlike cyberware, all of a cyborg's scanners and status programs are internal and need no wireless nodes.

Someone chime in....I've confused myself to the point where i feel like Gilbert Grape's little brother.
Yes, a cyborgs dyagnostics programs and such would all operate on a wired system, but it would still benifit from wireless with things that normal shadowrunners would, such as chat with allies, matrix access, linking with external stuff like drones perhaps, etc. Anyway, got to go or I'd add more stuff, later.
With cyber running on pure DNI, most runners should keep their 'ware's wireless functions turned off as a matter of course. You would think a cyborg would be the same way, but remember that they are usually some corporation's property, so their might be wireless functionality somewhere so that the corporation can have a hold on their property. After all, you don't want a cyborg escaping and running amok. But there will probably also be a pretty strong firewall protecting it.
Bah, anyone with half a brain would turn their always on wireless function off at the first chance and set his/her implants up on a semi-seperate PAN that talks to each other via internal routers and only talks to the outside world through a beta-grade, skinlink capable datajack running as much ICE as it can fit.

Things like auto patching, satus checks and the like don't really need always-on wireless to function at Fourth Edition's choosen-grain, virtually wherething worth a Decker's time is DNI anyways and if my underware has a computer and enough memory to store every book ever written computers should be smart enough that if a problem with the DNI is detected then a wireless backup kicks in. (Implant detection is easily handled via RFID Tags so you still don't need a hackable wireless link to ensure that the medics know not to cut into your internal air tank.)
QUOTE (Glyph)
  After all, you don't want a cyborg escaping and running amok. 

I think that's what a lot of the "maintenance" is about right there. These jarheads apparently have psychological needs. Potentially psychotic, hard for the average person to understand needs. So I'm pretty certain they'll have someone on hand who's willing to lend an ear (and alert Matrix security) if Unit 114 feels upset or maybe just feels like a bit of chitchat. BTW, this isn't even really all that much different from procedure with normal employees either. I'm sure half the reason wireless is popular is that while it introduces vulnerabilities, it also makes it easier to keep an eye on your employees; even a near-perfect security system can become vulnerable if the right guy decides he doesn't feel like doing his job anymore. And when your employee is a brain piped directly into say, a prototype urban assault vehicle or a T-bird, it probably becomes a slightly more pressing matter.
Just imagine if cyborgs go through the "No" phase that young children do. Can you imagine your tank or helo just stopping in the middle of battle and spinning in a circle yelling "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" at the top of it's lungs/speakers?

yes, well, i'm sure spending the first few months of their lives in sensory deprivation just because the corp feels like it tends to make that phase very short-lived. your parents don't have the ability to just turn off your body such that you are unable to throw a temper tantrum. the corps can, and apparently are too dumb to be concerned about any possible mental damage this kind of thing probably causes (not hard to understand why cyborgs would go crazy so readily)
QUOTE (DTFarstar)
Just imagine if cyborgs go through the "No" phase that young children do. Can you imagine your tank or helo just stopping in the middle of battle and spinning in a circle yelling "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" at the top of it's lungs/speakers?


That is a beautiful image. rotfl.gif
Great, just what we needed, at 20ton MBT having a temper tantrum. 105mm of grumpy child.
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