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Full Version: Skinlink Properties
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I'm more than a little confused on the whole concept of skinlinks. And reading the BBB, it seems like alot of handwaving.

1. Does a skinlink go on a device or a person?
-If I have a skinlink glove can I touch an object and have connection to it, or is it wired to the device, so you touch the skinlink on the device and can operate it?

2. Is a skinlink a DNI (Direct Neural Interface?)
-Is a skin link like trodes, I touch the skinlink and I'm basically immersed in the object and rig it basically? If not what is it communicating with, or how am I communicating with it? Does it take the skinlink to skinlink interface, so a skinlink is just a different form of connection.

3. What is with the suit that provides full body skinlink?
-I can communicate with anything I touch or sit on, or people can tag me and access my pan?

The skinlink looks like a wonderful accessory, but I can't make sense of how I would go about hooking one up, or using it. So far I've wired one to a vehicle, and set up a passcode within his commlink and the device. Basically if he is touching the object his commands will override anything else in the system. Makes the vehicle riggable, but also unhackable as long as he is touching it. But is this how it should work?
The answer to all your questions and more is right here... hehe
a skinlink is a method by which data can be passed over your body(skin) without transmitting it wirelessly via an EM field.

Basically it lets your wireless devices communicate without broadcasting, but it only works for things you can touch.
Rotbart van Dainig
Actually, it transmits wirelessly - by modulating the bodys EM field.
Found the answers I was working for... My searching didn't turn up the other topic for some reason.

Long story short, skinlinks use you as wire. So for my use before, I'm only half done since I need to skinlink my teammates commlink.

Vehicle <-> Skinlink <-> Body <-> Skinlink <-> Commlink

Thanks for the help
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