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Full Version: Magic Fingers
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I did a search through several threads and couldn't find one that addressed the question of speed.

How fast can someone move an object around using Magic Fingers?

What is the movement rate of said object?
I would use the rules for Levitate as a guide. Force times net hits per round. I might be persuaded to modify that by an (defaulted) Athletics roll (since the spell actually provides an Agility and Strength rating), but that would require the caster (or user if not one and the same) expend an Action for the spell's movement.
Looking over the Magic Fingers spell, it looks like its makes a better candidate for weaponizing bowling balls than Levitate does. I guess if you were just flinging bowling balls at people, it wouldn't matter which spell you were using. You could use the Levitate guidelines to guess how fast the bowling ball flung with Magic Fingers would travel, likewise you could use the Magic Fingers guidelines to judge how accurate and damaging a bowling ball flung with Levitate would be. The real difference between the spells seems to be Magic Fingers can't make you fly and Levitate can't pull a grenade pin, but other than that I'd be fine with letting them overlap.
Kyoto Kid
...bowling for bad guys.

Sounds like a fun game. grinbig.gif
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