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The Red Menace
Until the arms and equipment guide comes out, runners and NPC's alike are limited to what basic equipment is in the SR4 published books. So, if you have equipment from the old books that you've converted or any creative equipment that you've made from scratch, please post it. I'd love to see some ideas and implement them in my game if they are decent.

IE- Jet Pack (Pilot Exotic Vehicles Skill) Handling:-1 Accel: 10/15 Speed: 80 Pilot:1 Body:6 Armor:4 Sensor:1 Cost: 12,000 nuyen
We had a new member join us, and his take on the future was kinda, Back to the Future. So our dwarf throwing adapt has this:

Handling: 0
Accel: 2 x Normal
Speed: 2 x Run
Pilot: 1
Body: 2
Armor: 1
Sensor 1
Cost: 5,000 nuyen.gif

Will grant, in the Barrens its a pretty good form of transportation, especially since he can also latch on to someone's off-road bike and go from there. Based roughly off the hover feet in augmentation. Pilot is mainly to keep it level and above the ground.
I have a few gadgets I created for my players.

Hidden gun clip slide: price 600 nuyen.gif effect: holds 4 clips and can eject them on smartlink command as a free action. because of the rather awkward position the gun must be held at to work this requires a quick draw test threshold 2, on failure reloading takes a simple action, on glitch clip seats improperly effectively giving the gun gremlins 1 until clip is reseated, on critical glitch clip misses gun and clatters to the floor.

collapsable shockstaff: price 1000 nuyen.gif
reach 2; DV STR/2 +2P or 6S[e] AP none or -1/2

the collapsable shockstaff is a telescoping staff with both ends capable of acting as a stun baton. on a strike user can choose to whack as staff damage or zap as stunbaton. the staff can be used as a stun baton when collapsed.
I had a briefcase made that has a false x-ray image built. It looks like the standard stuff a businessman would have in his brief case, a lunch, some papers, stuff like that. But it actually has a weapons cache. Can't remember the rules exactly, but I think it was it's rating vs the security procedures skill of the operator of the x-ray scanner.
some fun stuff i built were things like that rambo knife from hot shots 2 or sportsbags with sewn in dirty underwear to hide stuff like shotguns in *g*
I did something involving frag grenades and proximity sensors. Useful to slow down pursuers.
An egg shaped "grenade" weighted at the round end such that it settles with the point up. Inside is super-coiled monofilament wire....
RFID tag gun that could fire "sticky" RFID tags for tracing someone or something down

Was later modified to shoot those RFID tag sized spider drones

the spider drones were then modified to have a sticky "anchor point" attached to about 2 meters of monofil on a retractable line.

was then used to decapitate someone
Kyoto Kid
...dirty bombs jacketed with Polonium 210 (appeared in my Drek the Halls holiday campaign).

Though not radioactive enough to penetrate the skin, ^210Po is extremely toxic if ingested, inhaled, or otherwise insinuated into the system (such as a break in the skin caused by shrapnel). Polonium will self ignite to about 255°C and is a strong source of Alpha radiation. It has a half life of 138 days and by mass it is 250,000 more toxic than hydrogen cyanide. It is commonly used for static elimination in sensitive instruments and optics so it is commercially available. The Biological half life (once in the body) is 30 - 50 days.
KK, sometimes I think you are eventually going to kill us all.

Kyoto Kid
...should have seen what I did to London in 2063.

And wait 'till I get o'l Pele's Wrath warmed up...hehhehheh vegm.gif

...uh Big Kahuna, Quraterback here...3rd & long...Goalpost confirms...initiate sequence...
Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (Method)
An egg shaped "grenade" weighted at the round end such that it settles with the point up. Inside is super-coiled monofilament wire....

So this is what they call 'throwing money at a problem'...
Yes, certainly not cost effective. Its the scare tactic that makes it fun...
The Red Menace
That briefcase sounds fun. If you can find the numbers you used exactly, I'd love to implement it in my game. "Very nice!"
a couple more gadgets:

multi function arrows: arrows tipped with minigrenades, detonate on impact

zapper arrows: arows tipped with enhanced versions of stick n shock ammo to disable drones, cameras, maglocks and whatnot

impact arrows: arrows tipped in gel round equivalent, stun damage, +2AP, -1 STR for range

Shuriken bombs: a convex disc shuriken with the charge of a microgrenade inside, damage as shuriken + grenade, can hold any grenade, wireless link allows remote, timed, or impact detonation

isn't most of that pretty much legit somehow? O.o
The Red Menace
Sounds legit.

On a seperate note, I've been trying to figure out a fair way to build a flamethrower for SR4. Any of you mad cats want to take a crack at it?
Shuriken grenade sounds to me a lot like a flying disc, such as the type which Wham-O sells under the trademarked name Frisbee.

As I imagine a flamethrower, if you hold the stream steadily on the target you get more fuel on target for more damage, while if you sweep laterally it's harder for target to dodge and you might even hit multiple targets. Which is just like the distinction between Narrow Burst and Wide Burst. Could you do "suppression fire" and hose an area so that anyone passing through it risked getting hit? I think so. But I've never handled an actual flamethrower, just a water hose.

Base damage 6P(F) would be a lot, because it comes with the option of bursts which probably are just a question of ammo management and don't have much or any recoil effect on accuracy. You could rule that the target keeps taking damage, maybe at end of every turn (should not depend on whether the attacker or defender has extra IPs), maybe dropping by 3P each interval. Thus, if first hit is a long burst for 11P, at the end of that turn they take 8P, and if they're still on fire at the end of the following turn they take 5P, and three seconds later another 2P, and then all fuel on their body has burned off. "Stop, drop and roll" has little effect against napalm; the Ignite spell should be balanced with an Extinguish spell. Fire spirits have the Guard power.

On the down side, flamethrowers are heavy, if your tank gets shot and punctured you'll have problems, and people might put you at the top of their target priority list even ahead of the mage.
I dunno - I often pictured a much smaller, one or two shot flamer that could see some life as a specialty weapon.

Shadowrunners are, if nothing else, one of the few groups to ever really, really need the weird stuff. biggrin.gif

If you're gonna do that, I think that a paintball gun with napalm-filled balls with a few pellets of something that bursts into flame when exposed to air (does white phosphorus do it?) would be a better bet.
Hmm...exploding frisbees. Interesting. How about Micromachine drones? Or wind up childs tops that can remotely be commanded to deploy weighted monowire? Or a squirt gun filled with pepper punch? Ah, replacing the cannister on an aerosol breath freshener with nausea gas! Even better DEXS silly string! Deodorant laced with stealth rfid tags? Nanopaste trodes laced with either DEXS or Seven-7. Finally an exploding alarm clock, guaranteed never to wake up anyone who uses it!
I like the white phosphorus paintballs.
White phosphorus is pyrophoric, combusting when exposed to air. Also toxic, and can stick to skin, it's nasty stuff. Current recreational paintball guns vary in accuracy and power; shadowrunners would obviously want the high end. I dunno if I'd be willing to carry WP in a container as fragile as a paintball. If it ruptures in transit, or while I'm hastily reloading, or some such, that's really bad news. A grenade or mortar shell is a stronger container, and those are still "Handle with Care".

For a low-capacity flamethrower, maybe 10 kilos total rig for the equivalent of 18 rounds, enough for two IPs of suppression fire? Small fuel tanks are still heavy (inefficient by cube-square law).
For not-necessarily-realistic imagery, try "Aliens".

The flamethrower has the advantage of area shots. For example, if a wasp spirit brings along a cloud of mundane wasps, the flamethrower will do more harm than the paintballs. See also the "Dragon's Breath" shotgun round, which ignites in the barrel and sprays a cloud of flame out to 5+ meters ; it can damage the barrel, though.

Squirt gun with Pepper Punch could be a quite cheap weapon. Perhaps a variable nozzle, with a stream at 3+ meters, while up close a fine mist is more likely to reach eyes.
At this risk of starting a brain hacking flame war, one my players has 25mm Grenades loaded with nano-trode paste. If he can get a head shot on an unarmored target he can put them in VR/BTL. Specifically I ruled that he can hit them with any BTLs he's bought, or raw emotive track recordings. He calls them "Shot-to-the-face". So far the couple times he's actually used it, it's been the the most hilarious thing I've seen in my short SR tenure.

The same character also made "Get-away-packs". These babies are really just RAW equipment and duct tape. ThermSmoke + Flash pack + Holo-projector + Meta-link + thermite. The hologram shows an image of a mage summoning spirits and calling them to him. The totally animation last 9 seconds (round of summoning, round of calling unbound spirit from astral, round of calling bound from astral). The Smoke and flash heap on enough modifiers getting 2 hits to detect the hologram is non trivial. Then the thermite slags the device so it's hard for investigators to figure out what happened extending the viability of the tactic. At my table when security goons see a mage they spray lead and take cover only trying to keep the mage pinned until they can call for back up 9 seconds buys an infiltration adept a lot of time.
Kyoto Kid
QUOTE (crash2029)
I like the white phosphorus paintballs. do I... grinbig.gif

@Riley37, There are also Dragon's Breath shotgun rounds in RL. These have a similar effect to a flamethrower but without the steady stream. The one advantage, they eliminate the need to carry around a heavy and rather volatile fuel tank on your back.

I'll have to stat these up tonight.

Of course among my favourite toys is (can't take credit for this handy little device):

Heavy Angel Outfitters Distraction in a Can
QUOTE (WeaverMount @ Jan 10 2008, 01:07 PM)
At this risk of starting a brain hacking flame war, one my players has 25mm Grenades loaded with nano-trode paste.

Well, whatever, but a 25mm headshot would blow their head off on impact.
QUOTE (kzt)
QUOTE (WeaverMount @ Jan 10 2008, 01:07 PM)
At this risk of starting a brain hacking flame war, one my players has 25mm Grenades loaded with nano-trode paste.

Well, whatever, but a 25mm headshot would blow their head off on impact.

i assume he means it sprays the nanopaste trodes all over the place (including some on the people's heads, hopefully), and he just calls the tactic 'the head shot' or whatever because he's messing with their heads via this strategy.
As paintballs, I dunno.

As pursuit deterrents, they have some potential.

A magical toss, turning a swarm of Willy-Pete paintballs airborne could be highly amusing...

My most meaningful contribution was championing the M-79 as a special munitions platform. Take the explosive load of SR's micro-grenades and pack enough to fit into a 40mm cannister and enjoy. I think someone even crunched numbers for a cold-launch, short range linear rocket system out of a M-79.

Most meaningful contribution, besides the idea of time-delay capsules filled with kamikaze. And parachuting devil rats. grinbig.gif

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