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Full Version: Elemental Strike (Blast)
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In Street Magic (pp. 164), under the descriptions of the Blast elemental effect, it talks about Force.

At the gamemaster's discretion, objects with a Structure rating less than the Force may be knocked over, shattered, shredded, or otherwise swept away.

How do you determine the Force of the Elemental Strike (Blast) when an adept uses the power? Am I missing a reference somewhere? Page numbers greatly appreciated.

P.S. I did a search on this topic (several variations and several times) and nothing came up, so if I missed it somehow a link to the thread discussing this issue is just as good.
Generally, for Adepts, Force = Magic is considered the rule of thumb.
RE: the search,
Don't forget to expand the timespan over which the system searches. It defaults to threads in the last 30 days, but if you switch it to searching for threads for the entire life span of the forum, you're likely to find more information.
QUOTE (Cain)
Generally, for Adepts, Force = Magic is considered the rule of thumb.

For magician's way adepts, which magic score would be used to determine force? If my adept had Magic 5, with 2 points sunk into magical power and 3 points in the standard physical adept stuff, would the force of his elemental strike be 2, 3, or 5?
Eryk the Red
That's really a judgment call for the GM, since it's not spelled out anywhere, but I'd use the total Magic rating.
I'd use the split total. With only the magic socre giving you Power Points applicable to durations (or other stats) of Adept powers.
Eryk the Red
What number is used to determine what spell Forces count as overcasting? (I actually can't remember.) If it uses the total rating, I would do the same for something like this. If it uses the split rating, then likewise.
If it helps, this is from the SR4 FAQ ...

Though mystic adepts must split their Magic between Magic-based skills and adept powers, it says that for all other purposes, including the limits of adept powers, the mystic adept uses his full Magic attribute. Does this mean that a mystic adept with Magic 6 who has allocated 2 points to Magic skills and 4 points to adept powers can cast Force 6 spells without flinching?

The Magic points allocated towards Magic-based skills counts for all aspects of those skills. This includes: Magic-linked skill tests (Summoning, Spellcasting, Enchanting, etc.), overcasting, and maximum spell Force, for example.

For power points and Magic when used by adept powers, only the points allocated towards adept powers apply. This includes Attribute Boost Tests and the like.

For all other purposes -- i.e., non-Magic-linked skills -- the mystic adept's full Magic attribute is used: pressing through astral barriers, initiation grade limit, Masking metamagic, and so on.

So in the example above, the maximum Force he can cast at is 4, and anything over Force 2 is Physical Drain.

Italics not mine!
I´d still use the full rating for balance purposes. Augmented magicians have it better anyway.

I see magical power as just another power, albeit with limited access. No reason to limit other powers because of that.

Edit: Seems my dislike for the FAQ increases.
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