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Full Version: Ratings on Nanocyber
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Prime Mover
Done few searches and maybe just missing it. Ratings on Taggents and most nanocyber in Aug are'nt listed in descriptions or charts. Just says under Taggents rating equal too nanite rating. Did I miss somthing in the book? Is there a max nanite rating?
You're right. I can't find them either. They might have been accidentally left out of the table on the page preceding their description. I'd assume ratings 1 through 6 like most devices and go from there until we hear word otherwise.
Prime Mover
Taggants, Dynamic Handprints,Retinal Adjusters,Voice Mimic and Altskins Newprint. Ones I've found so far missing a rating limit.

Edit: Okay found this question in errata and Q&A thread, no real answer there but some theories including rating them 1-6 or creating a rating based on false biometric data. Curious no one every really addressed it.

Edit 2: Device ratings on opposed scanners would be around 4 according to bbb device ratings table, might limit opposed nanocyber to ratings 1-3.
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