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Full Version: Whee! Matrix attacks...
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Interesting article. I had to do a writeup on that very vulnerability over a year ago.

The thing I really liked from the article was the talkback section. It was almost like Shadowtalk but from the mindless sheep.

Sadly the whole SCADA issue simply shows that the Matrix of 2070 is all too likely to happen DESPITE IT security knowing better.

Cheap & Easy is overcoming Better. sarcastic.gif
Don't worry! Everyone knows that when the net crashes, it rockets technology forward by several generations ^.^;
Yeah, said that before. There will be no opt out.

The comments on the other hand... I´ve seen two powerplants so far, one fairly new. You will not hack those, they still have "arcane controls". I do not know about the state of transformer stations, but I do not see the benefit of hooking them to the internet, either. Intraweb with rather paranoid settings (financial institutions do it today) is another thing.

In SR you get it easy, all you need is physical access to one device on the net... not that simple in reality.
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