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A few days ago I asked where to pick up some programs for tracking characters. I got a swift and prompt reply telling me to get the NSRCG and the SR tracker for tracking the rounds for combat.

Heres ONE of my dialema's. I'm going to be running an outdoor campaign and am going to wind up using allot of the critters from the critters book, and some that are from other sources. I don't want to spend allot of time trying to input all of the critters from the critters book and from my other sourcebooks into the .SR3 files

If anyone could send these, or part of these or even one or two of these, I'd be more than grateful. I only have a day and a half till my game and I have to work a 12 hour shift tonight frown.gif

Second. Part of the mission I have developed is going to start out in a museum. Just a small type of museum. Does anyone know where I can DL or copy some blueprints for one?

Once again, Severely grateful for all the help you have given me.

NC Museum of Natural Sciences

They've got a couple of nice floorplans in PDF format, found via with "museum floorplan" as the search, plenty more there if you don't like that particular layout.
Run a google for "museum floor plan", i got a dozen right off the bat. Public places like hospitals or museums always have floor plans online. Can't help you with the rest, sorry.
NSRCG doesn't handle critters, you'll have to do those the old fashioned way.
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