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My head is naturally bursting with ideas for fun characters. Everyone seems to use a standardized format when posting SR4 characters on Dumpshock for critique. Where does it come from? Is there a particular chargen program, or other method to get that same printout every time? Thanks.
As far as I know, it is just the logical easy format we all basically agree on. Bold the category names, do ID, Attributes, Special Attributes, Qualities, Skills, Knowledge Skills, Spells/Adept Powers, Cyber, Bio, other Gear.

Here's a format, not mine - I think I got if from someone running a game on the board. I just delete the parts that don't apply as I go along:

[ Spoiler ]
oic, it's not generated by some prog, it's just a relatively standard format that people copy/paste and fill in their own details?
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