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Full Version: Any info on the Couv?
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Note: I am not talking about the city in British Columbia, Canada. I'm refering to this one.

I've been considering running a Portland campaign, and want to know more about the town across the river from it. Is there any official information in any of the books? If not, does anyone have any good ideas as to what would have happened to it by 2070? Is it in Salish or Tir (I can't tell from the maps I have seen)?
I wonder... what ever happened to Tir Taingire? ;D

To answer your question: I can't remember to have read anything about Vancouver, Washington. Sorry.
Kyoto Kid
...the Couv is still most definitely still in the SS. The old Interstate Bridge was basically the only way into Portland by land. with the heavily fortified Multnomah gate at the south end. The Portland Wall basically cut off the Glenn Jackson (I--205) which no doubt was made impassable for defensive measures. While they never detailed it, I had 30 M sections of the span removed on both sides of the wall
I could see leaving it intact, but wiring it with explosives or something else rude (like a tac nuke). Or maybe one of those Army folding bridges has become a semi-permanent fixture across a gap.
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