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Full Version: Knack and Astral Perception
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OK I was looking over Street Magic last night and a noticed something about both the Knack and Perceive Astrally qualities. Mainly they both state that if you take them you get a magic of 1. Now my question is if you take BOTH, do you get a magic of 2 or does it just stay at 1?
I would say it stays at 1. They both say you acquire a magic attribute of 1 and that it cannot be raised.
I thought they were mutually exclusive, but I could be wrong .....
I also vote towards a Magic Attribute of 1. I would go further as to say that you cannot take both (though it probably is not stated in Street Magic). However, I would argue with the GM as to allow for an increase in the power.
QUOTE (Dashifen @ Mar 4 2008, 04:13 PM) *
I thought they were mutually exclusive, but I could be wrong .....

I thought so to until I read the text. They both just say mages, adepts and latents can't have them. Of course for the cost of the two qualities you could buy the mage quality, so I don't think they ever really considered it.
If you feel like raising that magic attribute down the road, wouldn't it be easier to just be an Adept and spend that 1 point on Astral Perception? I'm not sure what you'd need the extra points for except to buffer getting some 'ware, in which case you could just raise your magic as you got cyber-enhanced, keeping your actual Magic at 1 the whole time.

Or if you want Knack and Astral Perception with the ability to raise the attribute, to be a Mystic Adept and only learn one spell and Spellcasting?
You'll only get magic 1 no matter if you took both or only one.
Those 2 qualities really suck though as you cant put any cyber/bioware into your char and thus your way better off with making a mage or mystic adept which allows you to raise your magic so you can install mods.
We play em with a magic 1 attribute which is not affected by essence which makes em an option but is not gamebreaking at all.
Prime Mover
I would use the same suggestion that is in the final paragraph of spell/spirit knack. Lenient gamemasters may allow it but its not reccomend. If you did allow it each expression of the knack would give you 1 magic?

We've recently run into this problem and have approached it one of two ways either allow it to be taken late in char gen (an idea given to me) or use it strictly with latent awakening.
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