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Full Version: Mask (Mana or Physical)
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Does the Mask spell change your clothing / equipment as well?
Actually, I usually go with no. The spell alters the target's physical appearance, smell, etc. (since it is multi-sense) but if they then carry around a minigun, the minigun still looks like a minigun. To create a more complex, realistic illusion covering a person and their gear, I usually suggest (Trid) Phatasm.
Mask/Physical Mask has in the past been described in the fiction sections (the only place these things are really fleshed out) of the rulebooks as making a team appear to be believably dressed and equipped as maintenance personnel.

The limited version of the spell, Vehicle Mask, alters the appearance of an entire vehicle, not just certain parts of the vehicle (unless that is what is required biggrin.gif).

Trid Phantasm can be used to duplicate the effects of most illusion spells, but isn't required in this situation.
I disagree, but I can see your points.
I have to agree with Fortune (an not just to disagree with Dash! nyahnyah.gif ). I remember the mask spell being used in one of the novels to actually cover the fact that the ork team mate was sticking his tongue out at the security guard. IIRC, it made the weapons look like brooms and the like..
To be honest, I'm less concerned about the novels and more concerned about the SR4 spell's description. I've read the novels, but I can't be sure the players have, so the only common ground would be the spell's description. To me, it indicates that it alters the target's physical appearance in all five senses. I don't know that I feel that encompasses their clothing, gear, etc. though, just their actually physical meat body's appearance.
Fair enough. wink.gif
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I think it fills a need for an illusion that acts as a physical disguise, there really is'nt another spell that does that. One that is an obvious illusion and another that creates illusions of objects. Always used mask like it's novel fluff has described it. If not I'd have to go through the trouble of creating an entirely new spell or requiring use of realistic trid phantasm which seems like overkill for a single mask and costume.
IMO "Physical appearance" is the whole of what you present when I look at you. It's not just you as you'd be naked, but you with your current load in total. Thus, the mask would alter the overall look, everything from clothing, gear, hair color, skin tone, etc. That's just my take on it though.
I'm actually going to have to say that the out bounds of Mask is your aura. More than enough of a volume to cover your armor, comlink, a pistol, but even an SMG or assault rifle would be pushing it.
QUOTE (Fortune @ Mar 5 2008, 02:49 PM) *
The limited version of the spell, Vehicle Mask, alters the appearance of an entire vehicle, not just certain parts of the vehicle (unless that is what is required biggrin.gif).

Vehicle Mask still exists? Thought it had been dropped? Or my search-fu has simply been too weak the last time I looked for the spell in the BBB. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Grinder @ Mar 6 2008, 08:52 PM) *
Vehicle Mask still exists?

Street Magic, page 171. wink.gif

How could I missed that?
I'm more than happy for the spell to cover clothing equipment etc because it really lacks any punch if it doesn't.
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