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Full Version: Learning Stimulus Nanotech at character creation
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Alright, so question first, then the background:

Would any of the GMs in the audience allow a character with the Learning Stimulus Neural Amplifier nanotech that has been purchased at character creation to have the effect of the nanotech be used, i.e. have the BP costs for language and knowledge skills be reduced by the nanoware's rating?

Now, as for the background:

I'm in the midst of building pregens for the convention at the end of the month. One of the characters I'm building is one that I've had in mind for a while: TB-9, short for TestBed-9, a metahuman nanotech testbed that escaped the lab and made it to the shadows. He has the Wild Card Nanoware Prototype and Gene Freak qualities and is the team's rigger/hacker. So, when I was in the midst of building him, I came up against the issue that prompted this post; do I give him a discount on knowledge and language skills due to his nanoware or not? If I don't, then the character background is weakened, but if I do, then the character is edging too close to munchkin territory.
I believe that technological implants come after the language/knowledge skills are built, and after the points for knowledge skills are calculated from INT + LOG.
In the same way that the Cerebral Booster's increase to Logic does not give you more Knowledge Skill Points, the Learning Stimuli Nanoware should also not grant it's benefit at chargen.
Character build order….
Gear / Augmentation

So… no
Canon Answer is No.

Is there a RP reason why he should have lots of knowledge skills? Was he plugged into the matrix during his testing? Did they feed him a whole bunch of infosofts and give him VR lectures? If there's no character development reason why he would be a walking encyclopedia, then no. But if he is, then why not. Just houserule out of it. Shadowrun devs almost encourage you to houserule.
By RAW no way. I'd actually let it fly at my table because no one ever every buys knowledge with karma even with the reduction. You might as well let it do it's thing.

That said If I start a new game, or we all have to re-roll at the same time, I'm going to be using Frank's rule set because it's well better. So it won't really matter.
Alright, thanks for the replies, everyone. It just seemed like a bit of a stickler to me.
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