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I have the mainbook (though in horribly detted condition...most of it is now housed anyways though soo...), the Cannon Companion, SR Comp (3), MITS, Man and Machine, Rigger 3, and a few 2nd ed books. I'm looking through and I can't figure out what would be the most rocking pickup.

I like the sound of SOTA:2063, and YotC. Is SOTA as jampacked as CC or MM? Or is it too lean? Is YotC more like Renraku Shutdown, with a neat story and a rather heavy run premise, or does it have it's share of neat stuff too?

I don't have that many deckers, but that could be because I don't have Matrix. Is Matrix worth it?

Any other books really worth buying? I'm a man of limited means, but y'know, birthday (Wed) and CocaColaDay biggrin.gif (25th) comin' up too. Maybe my FRIENDS WILL READ THIS AND BUY ACCORDINGLY. biggrin.gif

Shoot away!
I really like YotC, but I think it's kind of outdated by SOTA-2063
SOTA isn't as jam-packed as, say, a book that devotes its entire content (more or less) to weapons or cyberware and the rules for it, but it's got a fair amount of nice stuff.

Sprawl Survival Guide is good if you like flavor.
More accurately, if you like flavour with a dash of rules. For the pure stuff, go with Shadowbeat. Then again, some people like to actually use the books they buy now and then.


go with matrix, its got a ton of stuff for the players and the GM.
Luke Hardison
I've loved SotA: 2063. It's got a full chapter designed for mercenaries, which is my absolute favorite PC to play and campaign to play within.
QUOTE (Diesel)
Is YotC more like Renraku Shutdown, with a neat story and a rather heavy run premise, or does it have it's share of neat stuff too?

Not at all. R:AS was basically a self contained set of adventures with a fixed end. YotC sets out a number of settings around the world and then leaves them open in how people use them.

Of the two, I'd probably say go for YotC before SotA. That is of course if you like enjoying the canon world - since a lot of new developments have come out of it. If on the other hand you never leave Seattle and the GM does her own thing regardless of whatever FanPro brings out, then I'd say SotA. smile.gif
Brainscan was a set of adventures with a fixed end. RA:S was more a tiny little campaign setting in the middle of Seattle, and quite open-ended.

I think the group will have more fun with the toys than with a story from the man. I can generalize from what I hear on the boards, I guess, at least until I get paid again. biggrin.gif
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