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Full Version: Pre crash smartguns
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How do you folks think the pre-crash smartgun 1/2 systems compare to the smartgun systems in 4E?

Personally, I think the 4E Smartgun is a wireless-enabled 3E Smartgun II system.

If you came across some old fragger who was still lugging around a smartgun I system (to go with his Predator II, obviously) how would you stat it?
I'd probably port it straight into SR4 as is.

.5 Ess
Counts as skinlinked, but only with a smartlinked gun.
Doesn't require an image link.
Provides +2 DP

Depending on your point of view, this is eaither lousy out-dated tech (making it much cheaper) or its retro/vintage (don't change the cost).

If you're feeling generous, allow it to be used with any smartlinked and skinlinked gun, not just older weapons.
I would also allow it to act as a Cyber Safety System. I mean, the poor fragger is getting raped on the Essence, so just give him a "firmware" upgrade that gives him that functionality.
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