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Using the becks 2.0 System with 425 karma

John Matthews, Ork Mercenary/Electronics Specialist/Violinist (Comm Officer)

Ork 20

Bod 8(9) 52
Quick 4(6) 18
Str 5(7) 18
Will 6 40
Int 5(6) 40
Cha 3 18

Reaction: 7 +2d6

1M Ny 120

Aikido 4(6) 14
Close Combat, Whirling
Pistols 4(6) 14
Electronics 5 25
Electronics B/R 4(5) 14
Stealth 3(4) 8
Athlethics 3(5) 8
Ettiquette 3 8
Negotiation 3 8
Violin 4(5) 10

Electronic Warfare 4 10
Security Systems 4 10
Survival Techniques 3 6
Classical Music 3 6
Musical Theory 3 6
BLANK Locales 3 6
Merc/Military Outfits 3 6
South American Indian Tribes 2 3
Amazon River 2 3

English/Literacy 5/3
Tupi ( Tribal in Amazon) 3 6
Portugeuse/Literacy 3/1 7
Spanish/Literacy 2/1 3
German/Literacy 2/1 3
Japanese 2/1

Flaw, Amnesia 2

Essence Cost Name Cost Level Type Legality

0.06 Chipjack 4000 NA BETA LEGAL
0.12 Datajack 4000 NA BETA LEGAL
0.26 Headware Memory 100 MPs 30000 1 ALPHA LEGAL
0.06 Math SPU 8000 1 BETA LEGAL
0.06 Knowsoft Link 4000 NA BETA LEGAL

0.3 Bone Lacing, Plastic 31500 1 BETA PERMIT
1.2 VCR Class 1 50400 1 BETA PERMIT
0.06 Internal GPS 8000 NA BETA LEGAL
0.2 Orientation System 30000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
0.24 Biomonitor 10000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
0.16 Diagnosis Subprocessor 5000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
0.06 Smartlink Induction Pad 840 NA BETA PERMIT
0.12 Smartlink 1 Processor 4200 NA BETA PERMIT
0.06 Limited Simrig 4200 NA BETA PERMIT
0.06 Range Finder 8400 NA BETA PERMIT

0.3 Cyber Eye Replacement 10000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
Image Link 3200 NA ALPHA LEGAL
Thermographic Vision 6000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
Low-Light Vision 6000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
Flare Compensation 4000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
Electronic Magnification 22000 3 ALPHA LEGAL
Protective Covers (Contacts) 1000 NA ALPHA LEGAL

0.42 Cyber Ear Replacement 8000 ALPHA LEGAL
Dampener 7000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
Hearing Amplification 7000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
High Frequency 6000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
Low Frequency 6000 NA ALPHA LEGAL
Spatial Recognizer 5000 NA BETA LEGAL

Body Index Bioware
0.6 Enhanced Articulation 40000 NA LEGAL
0.4 Muscle Augmentation 42000 2 PERMIT
0.4 Muscle Toner 52500 2 PERMIT
0.15 Synthcardium 6000 1 LEGAL
0.4 Synaptic Accelerator 78750 1 PERMIT
0.2 Mnemonic Enhancers 15000 2 LEGAL
0.2 Damage Compensators 52500 2 PERMIT
0.4 Cerebral Booster 50000 1 LEGAL
0.25 Reflex Recorder: Pistols 25000 1 LEGAL
0.25 Reflex Recorder: Aikido 25000 1 LEGAL


Total 680490
3.25 Body Index Used
3.74 Essence Used

Personal Assets Cost Duration

John Matthews

Medium Lifestyle 15000 Prepaid 3 Months
Ford Americar 20000 Owned Legally
Electronics Kit 1500
Timmers Contact 1000 Building Superintendent
Ms. Summers Contact 1000 Travel Agent
Mr. Douglas Contact 1000 Former Amazon Bushman

McKenzie Jonhson

Rating 4 Fake Sin 4000
Low Lifestyle 6000 Prepaid 6 Months
Jackrabbit (Used) 7500 Owned Legally
Electronics Kit 1500
Stalin" Contact 1000 Bouncer
Jimmy Contact 1000 Street Rat

Overwatch (John Doe)
Low Lifestyle 6000 Prepaid 6 Months
Eurovan CB (used) 25000 Owned
Electronics Shop 15000
Electronics Kit 1500
Electronics Kit 1500
Ms Cheng Contact 1000 Fixer
WiFi Contact 1000 Decker
Al-fayed Contact 1000 Arms Smuggler
Random Contact 1000 ???
Random Contact ???
Random Contact ???
Total 113500

Misc Equipment Cost Rating Legality

Remote Control Deck 15000 3 Legal
ECCM 15000 2 Legal
Encryption Module 10000 2 Illegal
Decryption Module 15000 2 Illegal
Emulation Module 10000 2 Illegal
Signal Amplifier 750 3 Legal
Storage Memory 1200 600 MPs Legal
Extra Jacks/Ports 450 NA Legal
Intercom 25 NA Legal
View Screen 100 NA Legal

TacCom Master Unit 32000 4 (Portable) Illegal
Broadcrast Decryption 8000 4 Illegal
TacCom Personal Units 24000 4 (Quantity 4) Illegal

Misc Running Gear

Earplug Cellphone 100 NA Legal
Earplug Cellphone 100 NA Legal
Earplug Cellphone 100 NA Legal
Hand Unit Cellphone 50 NA Legal
Hand Unit Cellphone 50 NA Legal
Pager 10 NA Legal
Pager 10 NA Legal
Subvocal Microphones

Survival/Combat Gear

Climbing Gear
Web Gear/Harness 1000 NA Legal
Ascent/Decent Harness 75 NA Legal
Ascent/Decent Kit 250 NA Legal
Rapelling Gloves 70 NA Legal
Rope 500 200 Meters Legal
Grapple Gun 400 NA Illegal
Grapple Line 100 200 Meters Legal
Stealth Grapple Line 300 400 Meters Illegal
Catalys Stick 100 NA Illegal
Gas Mask 50 NA Legal
Airtank 50 NA Legal
Micro Flare Launcher 50 NA Legal
Micro Flares 75 Quantity 6 Legal
Low Altitude Parachute 750 NA Legal
Ration Bars 60 Days 180 NA Legal
Respirator 500 NA Legal
Pressure Regulator 250 NA Legal

Surveillance Quipment
Laser Microphone 4500 3 Illegal
Dataline Tap 3000 3 Illegal
Micro Camcorder 2500 NA Illegal
Shotgun Microphone 3000 3 Illegal
Tracking Signal (Bug) Standard 3000 3 (Quantity 2) Illegal
Tracking Signal (Bug) AOD 3600 3 (Quantity 2) Illegal
Signal Locator AOD 800 4 Illegal

Surveillance Countermeasures
Bug Scanner 3000 6 Illegal
Dataline Scanner 500 5 Illegal

Total 160545

Armor Name/Owner Grade Conceal Ballistic Impact Cost Chem Seal Heat Resist Insulation Non Conductive

Mr. John Matthews Esq.

Auctioneer Line (Charcoal) Fine
Slacks Fine 14 1 0.5 350
High Collar Shirt Fine 14 1.5 0.5 300
Suit Jacket* Fine 13 1.5 1 850 1 1
Long Coat* Fine 13 2 2 2200 1 1 1 1
Auctioneer Line (Dark Tan) Fine
Slacks Fine 14 1 0.5 350
High Collar Shirt Fine 14 1.5 0.5 300
Suit Jacket* Fine 13 1.5 1 850 1 1
Long Coat* Fine 13 2 2 2200 1 1 1 1

Armante Tres Chic
Executive Suit Line (Black) Tres Chic 12 3 1 1100
The Professional Fine 13 2 2 1700 1 1 1 1

Secure Clothing (Zena, Structure) Fine 12 3 0 900
Ordinary Clothing Ordinary 0 0 0 150

Real Leather Coat (Black) Ordinary NA 0 2 750
Forearm/Shin Guards NA 12 0 1 500

McKenzie Johnson "Mac"

Secure Clothing (Gap, Collumns) Ordinary 12 3 0 900
Ordinary Clothing Ordinary 0 0 0 150
Secure Long Coat (Dark Grey) Fine 10 4 2 1400 1 2 2 1
Forearm/Shin Guards NA 12 0 1 500


FFBA Type 3 NA 12 4 1 2000

Victory Industry Line
Coverall Ordinary 9 4 2 800 2 2
Jumpsuit Ordinary 11 2 0 400 1 1
Secure Long Coat (Charcoal) Fine 10 4 2 1400 1 2 2 1
Secure Clothing (Gap, Collumns) Ordinary/Fine 12 3 0 900
Forearm/Shin Guards NA 12 0 1 500
Secure Long Coat (Black) Ordinary 10 4 2 1400 1 2 2 1

Violin, Antique Excellent 2000
Violin, Electric Excellent 1000
Violin, Wood Excellent 1000

Total 26850

Weapons Conceal Ammo Modes Damage Cost Legality Standard Gel Special Recoil Comp

John Matthews

Browning Ultra Power 6(cool.gif 10 © SA 9M 1080 PERMIT 30 (3 Clips) 40 (4 Clips) Smartgun, Concealable Holster
Punch Gloves 9 NA NA Str+1M 330 PERMIT NA NA Uses Unarmed Skill
Flashpak/PocSec 12 NA NA NA Legal NA NA High Quality PDA

Mckenzie Johnson

Ares Predator III 4(6) 15 © SA 9M 900 Illegal 45 (3 Clips) 45 (3 Clips) Smartgun II, Concealable Holster
Punch Gloves 9 NA NA Str+1M 300 Illegal NA NA Uses Unarmed Skill
Flashpak/Cig Case 12 NA NA NA 250 Legal NA NA Has 8 Sticks of Black Lung Brand

Overwatch "John Doe"

Ares Predator III x2 4(6) 15 © SA 9M 2900 Illegal 90 (6 Clips) 90 (6 Clips) Smartgun II, Silencer, Underbarrel weight, Concealable Quickdraw Holster 1
Browning Ultra Power 6(7) 10 © SA 9M 950 Illegal 30 (3 Clips) 40 (4 Clips) Smartgun, Concealable Quickdraw Holster, Silencer
Smith & Wesson Double Action 4(6) 6 (cy) SA 10M 1050 Illegal 24 (4 cylinders) 24 (4 Cylinders) Smartgun II, Concealable Quickdraw Holster
Steyr TMP 6(3) 30 © SA/BF/FA 6L 3530 Illegal 180 (6 Clips) 240 (8 Clips) Smartgun II, Stock, Foregrip, Gas Vent 4, Concealable Quick Draw Holster, 6
Steyr TMP 6(4) 30 © SA/BF/FA 6L 3180 Illegal 180 (6 Clips) 240 (8 Clips) Smartgun II, Concealable Quickdraw Holster, Sound Suppressor, Foregrip, Stock 2
Flashpack/Flask 12 NA NA NA 250 Legal NA NA Houses 80 proof whiskey

Explosives Quantity Radius Blast
Smoke Grenades 6 5 NA 150 Legal NA NA
Smoke IR Grenades (Chaff) 6 5 NA 200 Legal NA NA
Flashbangs 5 10 5L/6M (Stun) Special 1500 Illegal
Teargas Grenades 6 5 6M (Stun) 300 Illegal
Flash Grenades 6 5 5L Special 200 Illegal
Concussion Grenades 6 5 .-1 / 1M 12M (Stun) 150 Illegal
Defensive HE Grenades 6 5 .-1 / .5M 10S 150 Illegal

Melee Weapons

Cougar Fine Blade 8(10) 1 NA STR M 950 Illegal Concealable Quickdraw holster
Punch Gloves 9 NA NA Str+1M 300 Illegal NA NA Uses Unarmed Skill

Total 18620

Because I am crazy
Here's the final (and long) version of the Face character I posted a few weeks back.

Name: Campbell
Sex/Race: Human Male
Concept: Face/Covert Ops
DOB: 7 July 2031
Nuyen: (3d6x100) +11
Build System: Points (123)

Body: 5 (7)
Quickness: 7
Strength: 4
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 5

Essence: 4.12
Magic: 0
Reaction: 7
Initiative: 7+2d6
Bio Index: 3.6
Essence Index: 7.2
Combat Pool: 8

DOB: 7 July 2030
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 205 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Handedness: Left

Active Skills

Pistols: 5 (+1)
Stealth: 6 (+1)
Athletics: 4 (+1)
Etiquette: 6
Negotiation: 6
Interrogation: 3
-Mental: 5
Computer: 3 (+1)
Electronics: 2 (+1, -2 to some TNs)
-Security Systems: 4 (+1, -2 to some TNs)
Electronics [B/R]: 2 (+1, -2 to some TNs)
-Security Systems: 4 (+1, -2 to some TNs)

Enhanced Articulation adds one die to Combat, Physical, Technical, and Build/Repair skills.
Microscopic Vision reduces the TN of some tasks by 2.

Knowledge/Language Skills

Underworld Politics: 4
Corporate Politics: 4
Magic Background: 2
Security Systems: 3
-Physical: 5
Security Procedures: 4
Seattle High Society: 4
Italian Cooking: 2
-Tuscan: 4
English: 5 (+2)
-Read/Write: 2 (+2)
Russian: 2 (+2)
-Read/Write: 1 (+2)

Mnemonic Enhancer adds two dice to Language skills and reduces the modifier for defaulting from a Knowledge skill to +3.
Chipjack allows access to various Lingua- and Knowsofts.

Type Grade/ Essence Cost/ Legality
Cybereye Replacement alpha/ .16/ Legal
-Thermographic alpha/ NA/ Legal
-Low-Light alpha/ NA/ Legal
-Flare Compensation alpha/ NA/ Legal
-Microscopic Vision alpha/ NA/ Legal
Camera alpha/ .32/ Legal
Image Link alpha/ .16/ Legal
Datajack alpha/ .16/ Legal
Transducer alpha/ .08/ Legal
2-slot Chipjack alpha/ .20/ Legal
Plastic Bone Lacing alpha/ .40/ 6P-N
Smartlink II Processor alpha/ .16/ 5P-N
-Rangefinder alpha/ .08/ 5P-N
-Limited Simsense Rig alpha/ .08/ 5P-N
-Induction Pad alpha/ .08/ 5P-N

Cyberware Impact: None

Type Grade/ Bio Index/ Legality
Enhanced Articulation standard/ .60/ Legal
Synaptic Accelerator cultured/ .40/ 5P-Q
Mnemonic Enhancer 2 cultured/ .40/ Legal
Muscle Toner 2 standard/ .40/ 4P-Q
Trauma Damper cultured/ .40/ 6P-N

Bioware Impact: +1 to the power of any disease, drug, toxin or compound. +2 to the TN for any healing test.

Type Bio Index/ Legality
Calcitonin .40/ 6P-N

Name Conceal/ Ammo/Mode/Legality/ RC/ Damage
Browning Max Power 6(12)/ 10©/ SA/ 6P-E/ 1/ 9M
-Internal Smartlink II, Qickdraw-Concealable Holster, Personalized Grip, Top-Mounted Rangefinder.
-Range (TN): 0-5(2), 6-20(3), 21-40(3), 41-60(5)

Dart Pistol 7(13)/ 5©/ SA/ Legal/ NA/ Special
-Internal Smartlink II, Qickdraw-Concealable Holster.
-Range (TN): 0-5(2), 6-20(3), 21-40(4), 41-60(7)

Walther PB-120 8(15)/ 10©/ SA/ 8P-E/ 1/ 6L
-Internal Smartlink II, Qickdraw-Concealable Holster, Personalized Grip, Top-Mounted Rangefinder.
-Generally loads EX explosive rounds, changing the Damage Code to 8L.
-Range (TN): 0-5(2), 6-20(3), 21-40(3), 41-60(5)

2 spare clips (Browning)
2 spare clips (Walther)
2 spare clips (Dart Pistol)
30 HP rounds
20 LP rounds
20 LP rounds, EX explosive
15 dart rounds (DMSO/Gamma-scopolamine)
10 HP rounds, Capsule (DMSO/Gamma-scopolamine)

Name Conceal/ Rating/ Legality
Mortimer Greatcoat 11/ 5-3/ Legal
-Dikote™ treated, reduce the power of any chemical or cold-based attack by 2. Increases the Concealability of any item worn underneath by 50 percent.

Secure Ultra-Vest 14/ 3-2/ Legal

Executive Suite Line 12/ 3-1/ Legal

Form-Fitting Shirt 14/ 2-0/ Legal
-Does not count against Quickness or Combat Pool for layering armor penalties.

Level 2 Contacts
Name Occupation / Means of Contact
Domino Fixer/ Phone, Marina
Sergei Voy Capo/ Phone, Club
Det. Matthews Lone Star Detective/ Phone, Precinct Bar
Charlotte Society Girl/ Phone, anywhere trendy
Shadowlands BBS/ Matrix

Level 1 Contacts
Filler Ares Macrotechnology
Filler Aztechnology
Filler Cross Applied Technologies
Filler Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Filler Novatech
Filler Renraku Computer Systems
Filler Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries
Filler Shiwase Corporation
Filler Wuxing, Inc.
Filler Yamatetsu
Sinclair Street Doc/ Phone, Office
Burns Government Official/ Phone, City Hall
Red Fence/ Phone
Kaz Yakuza Soldier/ Pager, Club
Chester Ork Decker/ Matrix, Phone

Name Rating/ Power/ Motivation/ Knowledge
Jake Delhomme 2/ 2/ 1/ 3
-A former security chief who was fired because of Campbell. Now works as a Shadowrunner in Seattle.
-Wants to find some way to embarrass Campbell.
Kendra 2/ 1/ 2/ 1
-Former girlfriend, now living in New Orleans. Works as a small-time Fixer. Wants “an apology.”
Bulwark 1/ 2/ 0/ 2
-Wannabe Runner who leads a small Humanis gang in Renton. Campbell stopped him from beating up an elf once (and broke is jaw).

Personal Communication Unit (4)
Dataline Tap (6)
Ultra-Sound Emitter/Detector (4)
Micro-Recorder (6)
Pasteel Restraints x4
Tracking Signal, AOD (6)
Signal Locator, AOD (6)
Electronics Kit
Pocket Secretary w. DNI
Pager x2

Downtown 2-bedroom Apartment
Area/ Comforts/ Entertainment/ Furnishings/ Security/ Space/ Cost
5/ 4/ 4/ 4/ 4/ 3/ 10,000¥/mo.
-This apartment is rented under the Winthrop alias. Winthrop doesn't live in Seattle, so he rents different, trendy spots often. One month prepaid.

Everett 1-bedroom Apartment
Area/ Comforts/ Entertainment/ Furnishings/ Security/ Space/ Cost
2/ 2/ 1/ 2/ 3/ 2/ 1,250¥/mo.
-This property has the Inconspicuous Housing and No More Neighbors Edges (+.25 total); this apartment is not rented under an alias. Two months prepaid. Used as a meeting house for business-related issues.

Auburn 2-bedroom Condominium
Area/ Comforts/ Entertainment/ Furnishings/ Security/ Space/ Cost
3/ 3/ 3/ 3/ 3/ 3/ 5,250¥/mo.
-This property has the Easygoing Landlord Edge (+.05 total) and is rented under the O’Conner alias. Serves as primary residence. Four months prepaid.

Puyallup Squat
Area/ Comforts/ Entertainment/ Furnishings/ Security/ Space/ Cost
0/ 1/ 1/ 1/ 2/ 1/ 115¥/mo.
-This property has the No More Neighbors Edge (+.15 total) and is not rented under an alias. Six Months prepaid. Because nothing will teach you to do better next time than living a month in the Barrens.

Name Rating Occupation
Patrick O’Conner 6 Private Investigator
-This ID has the Teflon Identity and Aging Well Edges.

Freddie Winthrop 3 Society Boy
-This ID has the Aging Well Edge.

Good Reputation (+2): Campbell receives a -2 TN modifier for Social Skill Tests with those who are aware of his reputation as a solid, professional Shadowrunner.

Good Looking and Knows It (+1): During initial contact, Campbell receives a -2 TN modifier on all Social and Etiquette tests made when dealing with members of the opposite sex (-1 TN modifier when dealing with members of the same sex)). Furthermore, members of the opposite sex greet Campbell with Friendly attitudes (see p. 94, SR3).

Bad Karma (-5): Campbell must earn double the amount of Karma (20) to increase his Karma Pool.
Ol' Scratch
Oh boy, a bunch of numbers. How exciting.
and totally over the top ones at that... bloody beta cyberware with permits... sheesh...
Exactly, this is essentially an exercise in concept=numbers
Yup, since all my Shadowrun games just revolve around plugging away on my PDA dice roller. ohplease.gif

[EDIT] I really need to pay more attention.
John Matthews

Medium Lifestyle 15000 Prepaid 3 Months
Ford Americar 20000 Owned Legally
Electronics Kit 1500
Timmers Contact 1000 Building Superintendent
Ms. Summers Contact 1000 Travel Agent
Mr. Douglas Contact 1000 Former Amazon Bushman

McKenzie Jonhson

Rating 4 Fake Sin 4000
Low Lifestyle 6000 Prepaid 6 Months
Jackrabbit (Used) 7500 Owned Legally
Electronics Kit 1500
Stalin" Contact 1000 Bouncer
Jimmy Contact 1000 Street Rat

Okay, now that is just plain awesome. You have 3 separate identities (I only quoted 2), each with SEPARATE contacts, even a fake sin. I have a few questions, If you wouldn't mind.

1. Why name the contacts as you did? What does "Ms. Summers" mean?
2. When you use your fake sin, how does your GM handle it? Does the rating ever decrease, or is that not an aspect of your game?
3. Why would you have 3 identities in the first place? What do you do in game that requires it?

Also: Isn't all gear with a rating higher than standard Illegal? (at-least without a permit) I'm sure I read somewhere that even alphaware is technically illegal.
@Lilt: Maybe for beta and, if it's ever an issue, delta grades, but alpha is described as "mass produced" in Man and Machine (pg. 44) and everything else I've looked at gauges legality on item, not grade. Getting scanned at finding a beta datajack might raise a few eyebrows, but there's no reason not to think your some uber-wealthy corp type, assuming you're smart enough to look the part. Finding a beta MBW--well, then the real issue is the MBW I guess.

@theodorik: I can't answer for Arelius, but there are enough similarities between that aspect of our characters (if my level 2 Society Girl contact got a call from either Campbell or O'Conner, she would be a little surprised), I'll take a stab at it.

1. Naming contacts is vital (although you'll note I didn't do it with my megacorp contacts, those are fleshed out the first time I say "I'm calling my contact at Ares." and it gives the GM a chance to have fun) because it helps you, the player, develop a relationship with them. If contacts are reduced to "I call my Fence contact and sell the loot" you end up missing a lot of cool opportunities. On the flip side, when I GM I love fleshing out Contacts by giving them quirks, likes, dislikes, etc. that the player never thought of.

2. The rules for fake SINs are on page 239 of SR3. They are greatly expanded in Sprawl Survival Guide (pick it up if you see it). Fake SINs are really important in the game I'm playing Campbell in as well as games I run. Without one, even routine interaction with Lone Star can be dangerous. The first thing Campbell is saving up for is a permit for his quasi-legal cyber and pistol and he'll need a decent SIN for that. The edges my SINs have can be found in SSG, there are also some fun flaws in there. Fake SINs don't degrade (I don't use SOTA rules), but they can become useless if you get caught while using one of them. This is why Campbell's O'Conner SIN (his "legit" one) isn't associated with some of the shadier things on his list.

3. Well, I'm playing a Face, so he needs to be lots of different people in different situations. Since fake SINs are important, it becomes important for 'runners looking at the long term to establish at least a few fake IDs because you can bet at least one will get burned along the way. Yes, it's very possible to live in Seattle without a SIN, but it becomes a lot more expensive and a lot more limiting. For example, page 134 in Sprawl Survival Guide states that a SINless character won't be able to get a Lifestyle higher than Low (and would require at least a rating 3 SIN to get Luxury).
Thank you very much for the positive response theodorik. Perhaps some background would be appropriate. The GM requested that every character have the "Amnesia" flaw at rating 2 to reflect how each character "woke up" a number of years ago with all this skills and basic or advacned knowledge but no true idea of who they are.

My character "John Matthews" woke up 10 years ago in a farm in the middle of Sonomish wearing a suit, coat, 10K in a certified stick and what appeared to be a "real" sin of "John Matthews". The problem is he doesn't know if the "John Matthews" is really him. So far the last 10 years he has invested his considerable skills and expertise in a number of ventures I will elaborate on bellow.

"John Matthews" is his primary persona, his offical title in his line of work is "Security Consultant/Travel Agent". What he does is he takes rich kids who want to travel the world and make sure they are not killed/abducted/assaulted or worse. Ms. Summers is the travel agent who hires him for these sort of jobs. It is 100% legitimate and he has used this profession to acquire him permits for his ware and some of his equipment. He lives in a decent middle-class loft near downtown with Timmers as the doorman. In his "John Matthews" persona he is well-dressed, personable, clean and very proper. He is entirely professional and is always dressed in an exceptionaly fine suit. His area of expertise when travelling is the Amazon. He speaks several languages with some skill and can converse with a local Amazon tribe. One of his acquaintances he has made in his work is a Bushman named Douglas who has opened a bar after losing his leg in an awakened piranha incident.

"McKenzie Johnson" is his low-life thug persona, this is the act he puts up when he needs to visit seedier parts of town. "Mr. Matthews" would never be found dead inside a Z border rat hole bar but "Mac" would fit in perfectly as a sleazy thug who drinks piss beer. His associates in this persona is Stalin, a ork bouncer in the bar called "Jackhole". Jimmy is a human teenager stoolie/streetrat who deals in small-time BTLs and street info among the lesser gangs.

"John Doe" or "Overwatch" is his runner persona, this is the consumate professional runner. Cold, practical, efficient and effecttive. He is an experienced electronics and physical combat specialist. He uses a VCR to use any vehicle or electronic system effectively while his extensive senseware keeps him in the know of a situation. He has fought in amazon wars as a merc, worked security for Mafia men and is also a skilled electrician with a Seattle Community College certificate in electronics science. He has a relatively extensive list of people he can call on but they do not owe alot of favors to him.

The reason why he has 3 identities is because he does not know who he is. So to keep himself sane in his personal quest to find out who he really is he maintains 3 identities. Hoping that eventually 1 of these completely disimilar jog something in his blank memory. To this end he had mnemonic enhancers added to his grey matter.

An explanation to his having violin. When he had his enhanced articulation and synaptic acceleration added to his body it really disrupted his overall sense of rhythm. To compensate for this he went into cybertherapy. His doctor recommended learning to play an instrument so he can regain fine motor control of his whole body.

I got that idea from Gunslinger Girl.
My runners? That information's classified, citizen.
*Zap zap zap*

Digital Heroin
Got so many runners, I won't even think to post sheets. Not all of these are active, some are here, some will be in another project I'm working on...

Angel - Pacafist;Urban Geko Shaman; Changeling; Urban Explorer
Bill Blaze - Urban Brawl Player; Genetically Conditioned 'Pure' Athelete; Adept
Blitzkreig - Adept Ganger; Troll; Bar Brawler
Captain UCAS - Superhero; Champion of Justice
Daemon - Changeling Orc Car Theif/Street Racer
Digital Heroin - Wandering Philosopher Adept
Jack Daily - Adept of the Hidden Way; Hitman
Jack Marhsall - Anachronist LS Detective
Johnny Jett - Decker/Street Sam; Wired Beyond Belief
Jon Snow - Anachronist Hitman
Jimmy Wallace - Decker Wannabe
Iron Hand - Cybered Mage Transcendant Technocratic Order Enforcer
Kara O'Riley - Beneficiary of Dunkelzahn's Will; Adept; Draco Foundation Operative
Nigel Ricks - Immortal; Hacker; Urban Explorer
Operative Zero - Tir Ghost Operative; Cyberzombie
Parity - Paranoid CSS/Drone Rigger
The Twins - Elven Adepts
Twitchy - Dwarf Rigger; Powersuit Operator
Windtalker - Soiux Wildcat Communications Officer

You'll notice I'm adept heavy... I love adepts... and there are also a pair of my favorites in there, the anacronists... guys who don't buy technology, and don't trust magic... both of them I play in room based online play... much fun...
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