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Full Version: Various Dodge spells.
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Lord Ben
Combat sense, +1 to melee and ranged attaks per hit
Camouflage, -1 to an opponents ranged attacks per hit
Deflection, +1 per hit to ranged attacks per hit

So can you get a force 6 for each of these spells for a good 18 dice advantage? Or are they considered a bonus to the dodge skill? If it's just a dice pool bonus and not a dodge bonus is there an actual limit?
Bonus' aren't 'named' in Shadowrun like they are in DnD. I believe they would all stack. You have to use some common sense for stacking. I wouldn't let Camouflage stack with -6 for being invisible, for example. But in this case, the player would get some dice because they're "magically aware" of the combat situation, like a jedi, then the opponent loses six dice because they're pretty much invisible and hard for the shooter to see, and then they get six more dice because even if their super enhanced jedi abilities don't protect them, a field of magic is helping deflect away bullets.

Makes sense to me.

Don't forget to throw concealment, confusion, chaotic world and invisible in that laundry list. grinbig.gif

Honestly I wouldn't sweet it. Magicians will never get out everything written for them, if you start adding up the tasks, -2s for sustaining the karma for the spells and quickening, and money for binding and karma for long term binding and initiation etc etc etc, the dread combos are use Pyric twinks.
Eyeless Blond
Yeah, SR doesn't have the same stacking problems that you have in D&D, because you have to pay for each sustained spell, either in DP mods, spirit services, or foci. Spells don't have free sustained durations in this world.
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