Y'know: Most of the movies I watch include magazine changes nowadays. Heck, in some cases either the editor or director got a little overzealous and had the heroes gun run out of bullets for that critically important 'gotta reload before the bad guy gets me' moment like one or two shots after the last reload.

Not that I count shots, so. Of course, shotguns remain habitual offenders (I've got one with a full length barrel and it only holds 6... those short barreled 'urban combat' shotguns? yeah... three, bitch. )

As do SMGs (ah... the wonders of no one being able to count 'rrrrpppp'. Magazines really empty quick on autofire).

I suspect that movie makers got tired of all the 'endless magazine' jokes about ten years ago. Either that or they all grew up playing FPS games and realized that, yes Virginia, Guns do need reloading once in a while.

As for the plate glass thing, I always refer back to the end of Sharky's Machine (a movie that doesn't get near enough love), which seems to have set the bar a little TOO high. The badguy (who is masterfully depicted, he's good without needing to be superhuman about it to be a threat) gets shot and then in an animalistic frenzy flees the gunfire... out the window behind him... being suicidal helped here I'm guessing. No 'bodily thrown back' involved, and as I recall, still the worlds record for a stuntman falling out a building on camera.