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Full Version: Electronics Warfare
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Eyeless Blond
Other than the Sniffer and Scan programs, are there any other time you actually roll the Electronic Warfare skill? Is there any time when you would roll any of the other EW specializations, ever?
The Decrypt and Encrypt programs use that skill, too. Those are important to hack into encrypted transmissions and to prevent yours from being decrypted.
Eyeless Blond
Encrypt doesn't have a test, and Decrypt is purely automated (Decrypt + Response, no human skill/attribute used at all.) Same with jamming.

I don't know what the "Communications" or "Sensor Operations" specializations for Electronic Warfare are supposed to do, but it doesn't look like they ever actually factor into anything either. The only place so far I've seen EW used is for the Scan and Sniffer programs. Am I missing something, or is that all there is?
Heath Robinson
Use the specialties to determine how one might use the skill.
  • Communications - Using and understanding communications equipment, establishing communications procedures for varying circumstances, analysing communication problems, intercepting enemy communications
  • Sensor Usage - Using and understanding sensors and their limitations, efficient deployment of sensor networks, analysing sensor data, exploiting sensor limitations
  • Encryption - Understanding encryption purposes, distinguishing encrypted transmissions from line noise, producing effective encryption procedures, subverting encryption schemes
  • Jamming - Using and understanding jamming equipment, setting up jamming equipment properly
I allow people to roll EW to enhance jamming / ECCM, make Encryption tougher, improve sensors use plus the scan /sniff thing which is fairly commonplace in a wireless world.


Here is a link to some house rules and ideas on using Electronic Warfare, my part is unfinished. frown.gif RL has been interesting of late.
Eyeless Blond
So I was right, and the actual book has no other uses for EW?
It appears that the book mentions using communications equipment as an Electronic Warfare + Logic Test.
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