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Full Version: New Player could use some help on making a Rigger
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Hey I was wondering if any of you experienced players could help a SR newb out with my character. The entire group is new to SR including the GM. I have thus far made a Dwarf Rigger and have done attributes and skills but am unsure of what equipment I will need to be a succesful character. I have 40 bp for cash and have picked shotguns and clubs as my personal weapon choices. I also took the skills that I figured a rigger needs electronics group, pilot (air,anthro,ground), gunnery and mechanical (air,ground). Can't remember what else I picked atm. I was reading some other posts and I would like to play the rigger that goes in with the team and uses AR (i think thats the right term) to control a couple drones. I want the drones to provide fire support and possibly some ecm against the enemies communications. Pleaase help with gear choices (i really like the ford rotorary drone) Also if someone has the time I could use a crash course on the game mechanics of rigging like what pages of the rule book I need to be familiar with. Atm our group only has one base rule book with possibly a second on the way we also have the arsenal and the augmentation books.
Thanks in advance for any help.
kinda tired, getting ready for bed... but this thread should provide a bit of a crash course in rigging, if you read through it all. mostly later on... i kinda started it off with somewhat of a confrontational attitude, and the tone definitely shows. but as you go through, a lot of misconceptions about rigging are brought up and resolved.

assuming you've gone through the main rule book (and that should be your first step, is to read through the wireless world section. not just the rigging parts, the entire section) that thread will probably bring up at least a few things you have misunderstood about rigging.
Thanks Jaid that thread did help alot. I will probably go back and move some atts and skills around and get me some armor plated drones smile.gif
Well, I can't think anything smart right now, but do have fun, and welcome to the shadows! smile.gif


... and I believe you will not be needing pilot anthroform immediately. You could use your first karma to specialize pilot aircraft in remote operation to use with your drones. Invest in Firewall and hacking countermeasures. A shop (ie. aircraft and groundcraft mechanics shops) will come handy too. You definitely will need lots of nuyen because you can never have enough toys.


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