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Full Version: SR4 Commlink Mod Question
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I have a quick question, While starting up a new game with some friends during char-gen. We noticed something in the pre-generated models used. If you look at the hacker gear(and few other pre-gens), his commlink ratings are listed as 5 across the board yet if you compare states from stock systems they don't match up.

Now I have looked through the rule book a few times and maybe I'm just missing something but is there some rules or small section for modding commlink stats above stock ratings?

Yes. Try look around page 240 its all on there page 210 has some more comlink related stuff on it may also be of use.
Wow, i can't believe i missed the page entirely almost. p.240 has the rules for customization on commlinks and some other things.

lol thanks
No problem really smile.gif
The great thing about the custom commlinks is that a Response 5 / Signal 5 commlink is cheaper than a Fairlight. Better system, cheaper price... must be the Shadowrun version of bloatware that they include in the commlink. smile.gif
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